Steezin’ in the Dakine Oakridge Flannel Shirt: A Review


Popularized by lumberjacks, farmers, woodsmen, and Pearl Jam, flannel–a lightweight, warm, soft fabric–is also a great option for mountain biking during those nasty, unpredictable transition months during spring and fall. This year, as snow levels recede, so will the layers of your clothing but, depending where you are on the map, spring time is not quite T-shirt time!! The …

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Dakine Nomad Review


One of my all-time favorite hydration packs is an older Dakine Nomad. It’s a good size for all-day rides, but not huge. The only thing I don’t like about it is the material it’s made from. It appears to be denim, and while that may look cool, it’s just like a pair of jeans: heavy …

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Review: Dakine’s Kids Gear


Having kids can be both a pain and pleasure (look at that devilish smile)… it really depends on the day. Lately, my kid has been stepping up his mountain biking game, with an exciting new bike and an increase in speed. Mickey mouse and Lego just don’t cut it any more (although he loves his …

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Review: Dakine Women’s Xena 3/4 Sleeve Jersey


Recently I got the chance to review some new gear from Dakine, including the shirt seen here: the Women’s Xena 3/4 sleeve jersey.   Like most sports shirts these days, it’s made of a quick-drying polyester with antimicrobial technology.  The shirt has 3/4 length sleeves and mesh side panels. With these, you can use the shirt …

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Review: Dakine Bike Bag


The next time you head out of town on a vacation, take your bike! If you’re traveling somewhere exotic and want to get around, see the sights, and experience the local trails, the best way to do that is on your very own bike. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I’ve often had to scramble …

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