Review: Dakine Rider’s Duffle 80L Bag

Dakine offers an extensive line of bags to fit every outdoor application. When it comes to carrying a lot of mountain biking gear, the Rider’s Duffle 80L is about as big as they get. This bag is designed for a rider who packs everything, the kitchen sink, and the microwave for good measure.

As the name implies, the Rider’s has a full 80-liter capacity. A 28in x 15in x 14in outside dimension gives this bag a very usable shape. The Rider’s is large enough to easily carry a full face helmet, full assortment of body armor, riding shoes, extra clothing, towels, and all your other important gear.

The main compartment folds out to a neat changing pad, which is pretty useful when you’re changing shoes and don’t want to track in dirt on your feet. The side pockets and roll out pad are lined with a tarp for easly cleaning. The side pockets are big enough for waterbottles, shoes, snacks or anything else short of a helmet.

Durable wrap-around handle straps, non-metallic zips with pull tags, and heavy 600D Polyester panelling round out the construction materials. Dakine also supplies a padded shoulder strap for hauling the bag from the car to the ticket counter and back.

I quickly found the Rider’s my go-to bag of choice for almost every feasible mountain bike trip. If I do intend to ride road or do something that requires less equipment, I have another bag for that. But as far as a gear vault, this is it!

Once full, the bag does carry the weight well. The 12in x 3in padded strap has enough adjustment in it for just about anyone.

For a typical load, I pack this in my bag:

  • Full face helmet.
  • Two pairs of DH shorts
  • Two DH jerseys
  • Three pairs of gloves
  • Shoes
  • Armor (upper vest)
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Leatt brace
  • Towel
  • Shop towels
  • First aid kit
  • GoPro and extra mounts
  • Extra civilian clothing and socks.
  • Snacks

As you can see, I haul quite a bit of gear, and if I really wanted to pack that microwave, I probably could! But as is, this is just about all I need for a day at the slopes, and a change of clothes for beers afterwards.

Using the Rider’s, I found the zip-open flap feature useful on more than one occasion where the floor was a bit too filthy. However, I did need to clean the bag afterwards. Since I have a lot of Super bike wash lying around, spraying the bag and wiping it after use successfully removed the stains without damaging the finish of the bag.

Bottom Line

The Rider’s Duffle 80L is a great bag for any rider, and a great alternative to that used hockey bag that you used to toss everything into. It’s available in four color schemes, so there’s one that you’re bound to love!

MSRP: $85.

Many thanks to Dakine for sending down the Riders Duffle 80L for review!