Review: Dakine Men’s Ridge Short

dakine shorts 1200 full
Photo by Chris Locke

The Men’s Ridge Short from Dakine is a loose fit short with pockets ideal for casual riding, but also completely functional for when you want to go out and hammer. These days a very large percentage of my riding hours comes from picking up my kids from school in the Burley, and the school parking lot really isn’t the place for skin-tight race wear. Baggier riding wear is exactly the type of clothing I’m becoming an expert on, and the Dakine Ridge Short is a great product.

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This particular short comes in the colors “Black Pirate” or “Jean,” so of course I picked “Black Pirate.” My wife gave the shorts her seal of approval from the get-go, which is basically unheard of when it comes to my riding gear. I have to admit, it’s a nice-looking pair of shorts. If I were looking to get married in bike shorts, this would probably be the pair I’d choose. It’s certainly appropriate attire for a day’s work at a bike shop.

dakine shorts 1200 pic 2 front

The shorts are loose fit, but they aren’t so billowy that they get caught up on brambles when you’re out riding. These don’t come with a chamois, but Dakine does offer a liner, which is sold separately. It had been a long time since I’d done any kind of riding without a chamois, but I found these to be comfortable for casual riding. I also found I could fit a chamois liner beneath them without any problem (although I didn’t test the Dakine liner).

The front pockets are deep enough to hold your wallet or keys, and there is one back pocket as well. The back pocket has a velcro strip to keep it closed.

dakine shorts 1200 pic 3 back

There is also an adjustable velcro waist strap in the back to ensure a good fit.

dakine shorts 1200 pic 3 open

These quickly became my go-to shorts–not just for riding, but for wearing around the house, too. They’re made to take some abuse as well: they repel water and dirt effectively, and you can kneel down to get a fire started without worrying about your shorts going to pieces in the process.

After three weeks of daily use (both riding and wearing them around), there are no signs of wear. These would be a great choice for bike camping, since they are equally appropriate for riding as they are for getting a meal in a restaurant.


A highly functional and attractive pair of cycling shorts. The Ridge shorts are well-made, adjustable, and ready to take some abuse. Shorts like the Ridge are worlds better than the inexpensive nylon “starter shorts” you see at shops for people who are uncomfortable wearing form-fitting shorts. I’d choose these over most hiking shorts that are out there as well.

MSRP: $65

dakine shorts 1200

Thanks to Dakine for providing the Ridge Shorts for review.