Review: Race Face Atlas Pedals


Race Face sent down their new Atlas flat pedals for testing. These all-new pedals are low profile, with a 14.5-12mm-thick double concave platform, and a 101 x 114mm overall dimension. Coming in at 355 grams, these pedals are comfortable on a trail or DH bike.

The Atlases are crafted with a 6061 T6 aluminum forging, then a deep anodizing stint for a durable, long-lasting pedal that’s ready to get the shit kicked out of it. The pedal is centered on a chromoly steel axle with four sealed bearings, ensuring smooth operation for a long time. A hidden grease port makes it easy to service these pedals as well, but you’d need a long needled grease gun to utilize that feature.


The pedals offer 20 supplied pins (10 per side), and you can remove them by using a hex key from the opposite side of the pedal.


Having used these for half a season both on my trail and DH rig, I’ve had no reliability issues, despite smashing rocks, roots, and body parts. Side note on body parts: these pedals hurt! Not only are these 10 pins tough, but they are also sharp. Good shin or knee protection is a must if you find you frequently fly off your bike.

Seriously though, the Altas pedals work great with a set of Five Tens or Giro flat shoes. The stable feel between the shoe and pedal is very inspiring. When you’re on… you’re on. Rotating the foot slightly on the pedal is not too much an issue.


There is no Ti option, but you can get them in black, blue, red, or green. If the time comes, you can rebuild them with replacement axles or bearing kits. In fact, that is one of Race Face’s great qualities: replacement made easy.

Overall these are a great set of pedals. The platform is big enough to feel stable and worry-free, and the chamfered edges allow for a bit more clearance in corners. However, today’s bikes with lower bottom brackets make it hard to avoid objects in the trail, but luckily the Atlas Pedals can take the abuse!

MSRP: $179

Thanks to Race Face for providing the Atlas Pedals for review.