South Africa

Giba Blue Trail

photo: AdeleB

The Giba Blue Trail in Pinetown, South Africa isn’t quite 20km long, but clearly local mountain bikers are quite passionate about it. The trail is said to include “switchbacks, bridges, [roots], rock, and drop offs,” with many ride-around lines available for less advanced riders. Ann du Plessis says Giba Blue is “such an awesome trail with great climbs; amazing, flowing descents; and some fun technical sections.”


Kinnekulle Trail System

photo: Greg Heil

Located in the western half of Sweden, the Kinnekulle Trail System boasts 45km of scenic, cross-country mountain bike trails. Not only that, Kinnekulle is one of the highest points in the region, offering some of the best opportunities for climbing and descending in the area. Leo Ranta, whose tour company Hillside Cycling offers guided tours and transportation to Kinnekulle, tells us “the trail is well-suited for beginners, since it’s not too technical and difficult.”


Switzerland is renowned as the epicenter of the Alps, with epic mountain peaks in seemingly every direction. With that in mind, there are no end of epic rides in this landlocked and mountain-rich country, but here’s one that you can’t go wrong with:

Welschtobel Valley

Photo: Greg Heil

The Welschtobel Valley trail is on one of the GPS tours that originates in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, passing through the town of Arosa. You can easily download the GPS track from either Singletracks or the Lenzerheide website, buy a couple of lift passes for the three different lift rides, and access this epic backcountry descent. While perhaps not as well known as the Biketicket 2 Ride GPS tour in the same area, the Welschtobel valley is unparalleled–incredible mountain views, gnarly singletrack, all located along a rushing mountain river. Singletracks Editor in Chief Greg Heil says, “not only is Welschtobel the best trail that I rode when visiting Lenzerheide, but it is hands-down one of the most visually-stunning locations I’ve ever seen in my life. But the quality of the singletrack backs it up, too–the descent is worth flying around the world for.”

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  • el Iron

    On Mexico, near Mexico City is the trail… Nevado-Valle an epic trail. From a Volcano Nevado de Toluca to the nice little town of Valle de Bravo, a great place to practise MTB and expend a few days

  • ridemtb2004

    Stromberg flowtrail in germany is an absolute must ride. Between the wild hog and the no jokes trails there is something to challenge everybody

  • saranat

    Inforgivenl! You forgot Portugal. It may be a small country, but with lots of tracks for mountain bike, for all kind of users.
    There are beautiful tracks in Arrabida and Sintra, next to Lisbon, and several other mountains were you can still ride freely.
    There are also some bike centers that are responsible for over 42 tracks with 1472 kms of well maintained tracks.

  • s.dolcerocca

    I know that France is already in the article, but you’ve forgotten the Cradle of Enduro: The Maritime Alps, with Epic trails such as Red Earth , Chamoussillon, Col des Champs…. and many many more!

    Have a nice Ride

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