As if mountain biking wasn’t dangerous enough already, now we gotta be on the lookout for terrorists. Well, eco-terrorists, that is – and if you ride in Lubbock, TX you should be safe now that David Knape is behind bars.

Apparently local riders had been finding broken glass and nails on the trails – and neck-level trip wires between trees – for almost a year before Knape was finally apprehended. At least one mountain bike rider was seriously injured when he was flung off his bike after hitting one of the wires. It turns out Knape is an environmentalist who was concerned about mountain bikers and hikers damaging the local environment and the trip wires were his way of showing his love for the earth.

Fortunately the mountain bikers of Lubbock weren’t easily bullied and they continued to ride until Knape was caught. It was one of those mountain bikers, Dewayne Wallace, who finally caught Knape in the act and brought him to justice. Nice work Dewayne, thanks for keeping us all a little safer on the trails!

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  • SplinterCellSC20

    This is probably the most extreme case I have read about regarding these guys. No doubt their cause is a noble one but their grip on diplomatic solutions and the idea they have to take mnatters into their own hands is lunacy.

    Anyway, I have had my share of being shot at with paint and pellet guns on the trail and cups of ice thrown from car windows as they pass. I know I am always on the lookout for anyone lurking just off the trail or I ride in plain view while on the street now more than ever.

    What we need to do as riders is, report ANY suspicious activity as soon as we see it. If you see something that does not look quite right, turn around and ride away. If you can, get descriptions, write down licence plate tags, if you have a camera, take a picture or call from your cell, etc. I know I always keep in my bag my phone, camera and portable GPS.

    I am not sure how the biker caught this Eco-Terrorist Knape, but if it comes to confrontation, never assume the guy is not armed. Give him what he wants especially if he has a weapon. The bike is not worth your life. If it comes to him or you, break his neck! LOL!

    Cya on the trail!
    SplinterCellSC20 🙂

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