For many, the mountain biking in Colorado represents the pinnacle of trail perfection. But it’s a big state with a lot for mountain bikers to choose from, so here are our recommendations for various types of rides, including bike parks, backcountry epics, easily accessible trails, and desert rides. We’ll also share our favorite basecamp locations in Colorado.

For more information about mountain biking in Colorado, check out these resources.

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  • mongwolf

    Thanks for the fun podcast.. Always fun to dream about CO. I’m looking forward to riding Doctor Park and also the Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadman’s Loop in Crested Butte someday. That loop must feel pretty remote. I also need to do Monarch Crest some day and Agate Creek. Finally, for basically an in town shuttle after work, it hard to beat Captain Jack, Gold Camp Road, The Chutes, and then do whatever else you want in Stratton. I like to finish at the La Veta THD near the high school. Cheyenne Canyon makes for a beautiful shuttle. Plus it makes a great climb from the bottom of Stratton if you have time, especially if you throw in Buckhorn. Some pretty sweet riding for still being in Colorado Springs officially.

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