If you look closely, you can see the fishing line strung between two trees, in the middle of the image. Photo: Colorado Springs Mountain Biking Facebook Group

According to recent reports on the Colorado Springs Mountain Biking Facebook Group, a booby trap consisting of fishing line strung across the trail near head height has been discovered. The fishing line booby trap was specifically spotted on the Sesame Canyon Trail, although a summation of the online discussion published by OutThere Colorado notes that it is unclear how many booby traps have been discovered, and on how many trails. Captain Jack’s could also be affected, but it’s difficult to say at this time.

This is not the first time a trail booby trap has been discovered in the Colorado Springs area, with a spike strip found on the Rampart Range trail in 2014 and a wire found stretched across the Barr Trail in August 2017. Nearby Buffalo Creek saw a particularly vicious instance of trail booby trapping in May 2016.

We recommend extreme caution if you’re out hiking or mountain biking in the area. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, contact the local authorities.

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  • fredcook

    I never understood the rational behind these trail booby traps. I have a hard time sympathizing for anyone that is concerned that mountain bikes might have a negative impact on nature or disturb the serenity of a hiking trail, but then has the twisted mentality to set a potentially deadly booby trap. I just focus on the fact that these nuts are far and few between, and that the larger population isn’t so senseless.

    • dgw2jr

      There is no rationale. It’s an act of insanity.

  • mongwolf

    Wow, the Front Range is starting to log a bit of history with booby traps. Not good. Add to that, the killing of Tim Watkins in Monument Preserve, and it is evident that we have a local problem. As an aside, I rode Sesame Canyon for the first time in late December. Nice ride, but the motos are starting to rut out some of the switchbacks on top.

  • Fast n Slow

    Looks like it’s strung across the trail 4 or 5 times.
    That’s pretty chicken s#!+.
    Hopefully it’s only one or two people doing this. Hope they get caught soon. There’s absolutely no call for this. At least not in a rational world.

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