Watch: The Best Local Bike Shop Commercial Ever


“One does not simply buy a bicycle.” I generally hover my mouse over the “Skip Ad” button when I’m watching mountain bike videos on YouTube, but I couldn’t stop watching this commercial. Snyder Cycles is located just 7 miles from the Singletracks office and is not just a bike shop, but also a custom bike frame shop offering …

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Watch: Digging For Galena – The Story of Texas Peak


For thousands of years we have been scratching through dirt and rock looking for our fortunes. Over a century ago, pioneers carved deep into the mountains surrounding Retallack Lodge, risking ruin in exchange for an ore rich in silver, zinc and lead. They were Digging for Galena. Today, exploration and adventure comes full circle with …

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Watch: Real Talk on Bikepacking the Colorado Trail


Real Talk on Bikepacking the Colorado Trail. The following video tells the story of three Canadians; Jonny Bath, Michael Bain and myself. Like you, we live to ride our bikes. But we’re regular non-sponsored joes (full disclosure I did get a pro-deal from Canfield Bros… but to be honest I think it was a mistake …

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Watch: King of Crash, Sultan of Sketch – Best Mountain Bike Fails of 2016


As Alfred once told Bruce, we fall so that we can learn to get back up. Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport, but this year alone I seemed to amass a lifetime worth of crashes. Not only did I wreck more than I ever have, but I also feel that I have ridden the …

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POV Video: Stevey Storey’s Winning Line – 2016 GoPro of the World Best Line


Steve Storey has officially won the grand prize in this years GoPro of the World Best Line Contest. Here’s what GoPro had to say about it: Hundreds contributed and we saw some amazing runs, but Steve’s hard work paid off with this clip. Take a rip along with Steve on his own masterpiece of a mountain bike …

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