AFTERLIFE Featuring Brandon Semenuk [Video]

Brandon Semenuk makes it look easy in his latest freeride mountain bike video edit.

Brandon Semenuk is back at it with this surreal edit with just the right vibes. From the video description:

In the heart of Alberta’s flatlands lies a hidden realm where prehistoric giants once roamed. We present you with “Afterlife,” a mountain bike film set against the backdrop of this jurassic landscape. Take a ride with us through this strange and unfamiliar earth!

  • Rider: Brandon Semenuk
  • Editing: Isaac Wallen
  • Cinematography: Isaac Wallen, Nic Genovese
  • Additional Cinematography: Anthony Vitale
  • Builders: Evan Young, Justin Wyper, Kane Boyce
  • Photography: Toby Cowley