A Wild Gravel Bike Ride from Pat Smage [Video]

From Pat Smage:

Growing up on this farm has made my life what it is today, and I am not even a farmer! Being able to ride bikes around the farm my whole life has led me all around the world to do just that. While most of that is for motorcycles, it all started on bicycles. After losing my Grandpa Harold in 2017 and Grandma Joy this year, I felt like it was time for a tour of the farm, by bike of course. While my Dad, brothers and I have done most of the trail, track, and trials area building, it was all thanks to my Grandparents who provided and let us turn their land into a playground for bikes. I am so thankful for that, and this video will always be a great reminder of how lucky I am to live here.

Huge thanks to my wife Hannah for doing so much filming for this! She put in a lot of time behind the camera and had plenty of patience for some of those tricky moves that took more than a few tries…

Thanks for watching! Also thanks to Ibis for providing the bike, PNW components for the parts to make it a little easier to ride, and POC Sports for the protection. Videography and Photography: Hannah and Pat Smage Edit: Pat Smage