91 Trails in Orem, Utah

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Mud Springs Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 2.2 Alpine
Mutual Dell Connector 175 (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.7 Alpine
North Fork Ridge Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.8 Alpine
Packard Canyon Trail 091 3.0 Springville
Peak View (Lower) (Corner Canyon Trail) 0.6 Draper
Pine Hollow Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.9 Alpine
Pole Canyon Ridge Trail (Pole Canyon Trails) 0.6 Orem
Poppy (Lambert Park) 0.3 Alpine
Race Course (Provo Canyon Trails) 1.5 Orem
Ridge Trail 157 18.0 ***** American Fork
River (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine
Rock Canyon Trail 3.2 Provo
Rodeo Down (Lambert Park) Intermediate 0.8 **** Alpine
Rodeo Up (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine
Ruin (Lambert Park) 0.3 Alpine
Salamander Flat Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.6 Alpine
Slide Canyon 1.9 Provo
Snow Gauging Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.2 Alpine
South Fork Little Deer Creek (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 3.0 Alpine
South Fork of the Provo Beginner 4.0 **** Provo
Spring (Lambert Park) 1.9 Alpine
Squaw Peak Overlook DH (Pole Canyon Trails) 0.6 Orem
Squaw Peak Trail Advanced 1.7 **** Provo
Suncrest-Draper Ridge Trail (Corner Canyon Trail) 0.5 Draper
Through the Trees (Corner Canyon Trail) 1.0 Draper
Tibble Fork Trail 2.8 Alpine
Timpanooke Intermediate 6.0 **** American Fork
Timpooneke-Chris Flat Trail #151 6.9 Alpine
Up Shooter, Mr. Hyde, Mrs. Hyde. Down Lament, Dry Canyon DH, and Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Provo Canyon/Dry Canyon Loop) 7.0 **** Orem
Valley Vista Trail System Beginner 5.0 **** Pleasant Grove
Vertigo Trail (Corner Canyon Trail) 1.4 Draper
W.O.W Trail 12.0 Midway, UT
Wasatch Mountain State Park Intermediate 20.0 *** Heber City
White Dog (Lambert Park) 0.2 Alpine
Whiting Campgrounds 5.0 Mapleton
Whiting Campgrounds 5.0 Mapleton
Wildcat (Lambert Park) 0.4 Alpine
Willow Hollow Trail 159 (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.9 Alpine
Woods Hollow (Corner Canyon Trail) 1.5 Draper
Zag (Lambert Park) 0.7 Alpine
Ziggy (Lambert Park) 0.5 Alpine