67 Trails in Lake Tahoe, California

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Clear Creek Canyon Intermediate 20.0 **** Carson City
Ash Canyon Trails Intermediate 10.0 *** Carson City
Steptoe Creek Trail 3.0 Ely
Sierra Canyon Trail Intermediate 10.0 **** Genoa
Eagle Ridge Loop 6.0 Genoa
Genoa loop 8.0 Genoa
Tyrolean Downhill Expert 5.0 **** Incine Village
Chimney Beach Downhill (Flume Trail) Intermediate 5.0 **** Incline Village
Sunflower Hill 3.0 Incline Village
Flume Trail Beginner 14.0 **** Incline Village
Tahoe Rim Trail: Spooner Lake to South Camp Peak (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 11.0 ***** Incline Village
Diamond Peak Loop Intermediate 8.0 ***** Incline Village
Kings Beach 15 Kings Beach
Kings Beach Trail (18E04) (Kings Beach) 1.74 Kings Beach
Tahoe Rim Trail: Brockway Summit to Watson Lake (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 10.0 **** Kings Beach
Kingsbury Stinger 5.1 **** Kingsbury
Strawberry Point Trail 2.0 Kyburz
Union Valley Reservoir Beginner 7.0 ***** Kyburz
Pony Express Trail and Lovers Leap Intermediate 23.0 ***** Kyburz
Whites Cr/thomas Cr Loop Intermediate 7.0 **** Reno
Steamboat Ditch To Hole In The Wall Beginner 14.0 **** Reno
Galena Creek Trail Intermediate 10.0 *** Reno
Tahoe Rim Trail: Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek Road / Flume Trail (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 9.0 ***** Reno / Tahoe
Lagomarsino Petroglyphs 15.0 **** Reno/virginia City
Star Lake Trail Advanced 5.0 **** South Lake Tahoe
Corral Trail Beginner 2.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury to Van Sickle Advanced 12.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail: Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 13.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Monument Trail (Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury South To Armstrong Pass) 0.0 South Lake Tahoe
Powerline Beginner 5.0 *** South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury South To Armstrong Pass (Tahoe Rim Trail) 13.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Lily Lake Trail 2.1 South Lake Tahoe
Stanford Rock Trail 5 South Lake Tahoe
Christmas Valley Trail Advanced 7.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Genoa Peak Intermediate 11.0 *** South Lake Tahoe
Angora Ridge / Tahoe Mountain loop 17.0 South Lake Tahoe
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Advanced 20.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Armstrong Pass (Armstrong Connector) Intermediate 17.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Van Sickle 3.0 Summit Village
Tahoe Rim Trail: Tunnel Creek Road to Pacific Crest Trail (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 6.0 ***** Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail to Western States 15.0 Tahoe City
Tahoe Rim Trail Intermediate 165.0 **** Tahoe City
Ellis Peak Motorcycle Trail 3.0 Tahoe City
Burton Creek State Park 15.0 Tahoe City
Tahoe Rim Trail: Tahoe City to Brockaway Summit (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 19.0 ***** Tahoe City
Jackass Point Jollipop 0.3 Truckee
Sawtooth Trail 7.16 Truckee
Wood Splitter Jump Trail 0.6 Truckee
Happy Face Trail 2 Truckee
Tahoe Rim Trail: Watson Lake to Tahoe City (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 18.0 ***** Truckee