64 Trails in Lake Tahoe, California

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Lovers Leap 1.0 Twin Bridges
Truckee Bike Park 4.0 Truckee
Burton Creek State Park 15.0 Tahoe City
Genoa loop 8.0 Genoa
Eagle Ridge Loop 6.0 Genoa
Hope Valley 2.0 Woodfords
DRLT and Hole in the Ground (Hole In The Ground) 31.0 Truckee
Angora Ridge / Tahoe Mountain loop 17.0 South Lake Tahoe
Monument Trail (Tahoe Rim Trail: Kingsbury South To Armstrong Pass) 0.0 South Lake Tahoe
Sunflower Hill 3.0 Incline Village
Van Sickle 3.0 Summit Village
Kings Beach 15 Kings Beach
Kings Beach Trail (18E04) (Kings Beach) 1.74 Kings Beach
Pyramid Lake 2.0 Twin Bridges
Steptoe Creek Trail 3.0 Ely
Strawberry Point Trail 2.0 Kyburz
Ridgeline Nature Loop 1.4 Trukee
Jackass Point Jollipop 0.3 Truckee
Tahoe Rim Trail to Western States 15.0 Tahoe City
Ellis Peak Motorcycle Trail 3.0 Tahoe City
Sawtooth Trail 7.16 Truckee
Happy Face Trail 2 Truckee
Wood Splitter Jump Trail 0.6 Truckee
Lily Lake Trail 2.1 South Lake Tahoe
Stanford Rock Trail 5 South Lake Tahoe
Powerline Beginner 5.0 *** South Lake Tahoe
Steamboat Ditch To Hole In The Wall Beginner 14.0 **** Reno
Union Valley Reservoir Beginner 7.0 ***** Kyburz
Rubicon Trail Beginner 20.0 *** Wentworth Springs/ Tahoe
Corral Trail Beginner 2.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Flume Trail Beginner 14.0 **** Incline Village
Emigrant Trail Beginner 20.0 **** Truckee
Tahoe Donner various Intermediate 13.0 *** Truckee
Ash Canyon Trails Intermediate 10.0 *** Carson City
Train Tunnels Intermediate 10.0 *** Truckee
Whites Cr/thomas Cr Loop Intermediate 7.0 **** Reno
Armstrong Pass (Armstrong Connector) Intermediate 17.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail Intermediate 165.0 **** Tahoe City
Yogi Bear Intermediate 18.0 ***** Truckee
Galena Creek Trail Intermediate 10.0 *** Reno
Genoa Peak Intermediate 11.0 *** South Lake Tahoe
Chimney Beach Downhill (Flume Trail) Intermediate 5.0 **** Incline Village
Clear Creek Canyon Intermediate 20.0 **** Carson City
Sawtooth Ridge Intermediate 9.0 *** Truckee
Pony Express Trail and Lovers Leap Intermediate 23.0 ***** Kyburz
Sierra Canyon Trail Intermediate 10.0 **** Genoa
Diamond Peak Loop Intermediate 8.0 ***** Incline Village
Tahoe Rim Trail: Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 13.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail: Brockway Summit to Watson Lake (Tahoe Rim Trail) Advanced 10.0 **** Kings Beach
Christmas Valley Trail Advanced 7.0 ***** South Lake Tahoe