Lucero Trails

Opened May, 2022. Trails are rated from easy to expert.

SanTan Shredders

Santan Shredders (STS) was founded in 2013 with the idea of promoting safe riding on multi-use trails and a healthy lifestyle. Today, STS is known for setting ethical standard for the mountain biking community throughout the Valley. As a result, Maricopa County Park and Recreation recognizes Santan Shredders’ solid reputation through the promotion of organized …

Cactus Cup

The three-day stage race includes a mountain bike time trial, a 40-mile cross-country race, and an XC-focused enduro. These race categories sold out in record time, but there are still opportunities for participation in the gran fondo, family ride, kids race, and bike demos. 

7th St. and Mineral

Quite a bit of an uphill, great work out, me and the wife generally do about 6 miles. I have some very cool rides in this area, If you are more of an extreme MTB’r and you have a friend, I would suggest leaving a car at the Base of the boy scout camp on …