Good times on the bike

Puttin' the "ass" in Monarch Pass!

Loving the logs in NC

MTB in Greenland

"Easier" is for wimps at Slickrock

Palmer Park in CO Springs

Downhillin' in Virginia

Top of the world in California

Whitewater biking in PA

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Jeff Barber

Jeff loves to ride new trails in scenic locations around the world. He's a pretty gnarly PHP programmer and web designer but only because no one else wants to do it. Jeff spends waaay too much time on singletracks, we suspect he likes singletracks more than actual mountain biking...

Leah Barber

Known alias: mudhunny. Leah keeps a low profile on singletracks but make no mistake, she is more legit than all of us put together. Leah built the original singletracks and she was also the first to keep a blog on the site. Don't disrespect - she's a tiger!

Syd Patricio

Syd (element22) is the singletracks Mechanical Editor and if you've got a question about working on bikes, he's the man to ask. Syd has done it all: raced road bikes competitively, designed his own criterium and road frames, worked in a bike shop, and currently teaches automotive service to high school students. He lives and rides in Ontario, Canada and spends his free time on the trails or helping out his buddy who owns the local bike shop.

Greg Heil

Greg (mtbgreg1) is our social media expert and is a regular contributor to the singletracks blog as a writer and an editor. Greg lives in Dahlonega, GA in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains where he shreds IMBA Epics like Bull Mountain regularly. Outside of his singletracks duties, Greg has served as an ambassador for Airborne Bikes and an intern at Dirt Rag magazine.

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