So, You Don’t Have Time for MTB Training. Welcome to the Club

Former pro mountain bike racer and cycling coach Sara Bresnick shares tips for busy folks who want to ride faster.

Sara Bresnick is a former professional mountain biker, cycling coach and founder of Pedal Power Training Solutions which offers customized training plans plus advice on nutrition, race strategy, and technique.  

  • What are some fitness goals your clients have beyond racing? For example, does it make sense for a rider to work with a coach before a big weeklong mountain bike trip? 
  • Do older athletes need more time to recover between intense workouts?
  • What happens if you miss a day, or two, in a training schedule? How quickly do fitness gains disappear?
  • How does an “off season” work for bike athletes? Should you still be biking some, or is it possible to do other activities instead?  
  • Let’s say I wanted to ride the Tour Divide in 2025, and my goal was to finish the ride in 45 days. Given a good level of base fitness, what’s a realistic timeframe for training? In general, what would a training plan involve?
  • What’s the biggest challenge most people face when it comes to improving their fitness?
  • As a trainer, what can you learn from a client’s workout data? 
  • How much of your job as a trainer is emotional support versus purely technical?
  • What’s one easy step everyone can take to start improving their fitness today?

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