Yeti Announces Brand-New SB5.5c 29er

All photos courtesy of Yeti

The new SB5.5c from Yeti is a 29er sporting 5.5 inches (140mm) of Switch Infinity rear travel. However, Yeti is maintaining the front/rear travel length disparity found on their 4.5c, and claim that the 5.5 is designed to run a 160mm fork up front.

With the recent influx of plus-size bikes that can be run as both a 29er and a 27.5+, the first thought through most peoples’ minds will be, “Oh, Yeti has finally released a plus bike!” But according to Yeti… they haven’t. In response to whether or not the 5.5c is plus-compatible, Yeti says, “No. The SB5.5c was design to run standard tires sizes up to a 2.4”.” However, that probably won’t stop intrepid mechanics from doing a plus conversion… heck, you don’t need to be much of a mechanic to make that happen.


Instead of looking at this as Yeti’s entry into the plus bike market, I view this as their Switch Infinity revamp of the Yeti SB-95, which I loved. After riding the new SB4.5c at Vail Outlier last fall, I decided that that bike was in no way a replace for the SB-95. But now, it appears that the 5.5c is the 95’s long-awaited replacement.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12-geometry

The SB5.5c will be available as a frameset for $3,500, with a GX build for $5,699, X01 for $6,999, or XTR for $10,599.

NEW ZEALAND. PROVEN HERE. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.