Tickets Now on Sale for the 2016 Rio Olympics XC MTB Race

Photo courtesy of Rio 2016
Photo courtesy of Rio 2016

If you can brave the Zika virus and reports of rampant crime and corruption, tickets are now on sale for spectating the cross country mountain bike race at this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

The ticketing site for mountain biking is now live, here. As far as I can tell, tickets are currently only available (as of the time of this writing) for standing room at the Women’s race, for 40 Brazilian reals (about $12 US). However, the website says,

“If the session you are interested in is shaded in grey, it means that at the moment, no tickets are available – but does not necessarily mean it is sold out. Depending on the session, more tickets may be released soon, and we will update the page as inventory becomes available.”

So you may still be able to score tickets to the men’s race, too.

Your Turn: What about you? Are you heading to Rio to watch the Olympic mountain bike race?

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