The 2020 Specialized Enduro Mountain Bike is Overhauled and Now Exclusively a 29er

Specialized completely overhauls the Enduro for 2020 and does away with traditional sizing. Choose a size based on your riding style, not just your body size.

Photos: Harookz / Specialized

All-new for 2020 is the updated Specialized Enduro, with an entirely different frame design that looks nothing like the Enduros of the past.

With inspiration from their DH bike, the Demo, the Enduro’s main pivot has been moved forward, raising the bike’s instant center, which also minimizes rear wheel hang-up on square-edge bumps by giving the Enduro a more rearward axle path throughout its travel.

With the raised instant center, Specialized says that the anti-squat has also been increased by 40% over the previous Enduro. The lower linkage lowers the center of gravity on the Enduro as well.

Similarly, almost all of Santa Cruz’s new line-up has moved suspension linkages toward the bottom bracket because it has worked well on their own DH bike, the V10.








For kinematics, Specialized wanted to increase small-bump sensitivity and also increase the ability to take in big-hits and drops. The leverage curve has also been changed, making it more progressive and more supple early in the travel.

Specialized says that they have tuned the chassis for the right amount of stiffness, rather than increasing stiffness everywhere. Specialized says that the rear-end of the new Enduro is 12% stiffer than that of the previous bike, while the front-end stiffness remains the same.

While the Enduro is known for raising the bar as to what long-travel 29ers are capable of, the Enduro seeks to do the same, again. The seat angle was steepened, and as a whole, the bike got lower, longer, and slacker, again. The Enduro is now only available as a 29er, with 170mm of travel front and rear.

“The new Enduro is all about speed. Reaching it quickly, not hanging up in the chunder and, consequently, maintaining momentum like a champ. 29-inch wheels excel here. There’s definitely a place for 27.5 in our mountain line, but for this iteration of the Enduro, 29-inch wheels are a perfect match.”

Specialized has also revised its sizing for the new Enduro, changing the S, M, L and so on, to S2, S3, and S4. Rather than choosing a bike based solely on body size, Specialized recommends choosing a bike based on riding style.

“Want a more playful, shorter wheelbase? Size down. Want more stability at speed? Size up.”

Specialized is offering four new Enduro models and an S-Works frame option. All are carbon frames. “We wanted to create the lightest, most bad-assed bike in this genre. Carbon was the ideal frame [material] for making that happen. And while there are no aluminum models in the new Enduro line at this point, there are still places in our larger bike lineup where alloy makes sense and will see continued usage.”

The S-Works frame maintains the same ride feel and stiffness as the rest of the line, but is just over a half-pound lighter than the other frames.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Enduro Comp 29: $4,410
  • Enduro Elite 29: $5,210
  • Enduro Expert 29: $6,510
  • S-Works Enduro 29: $9,510
  • S-Works Enduro 29 frame-only: $3,200

Visit the Specialized website for more information.