Rossignol Launching Big Mountain Bike Line in Spring of 2018

photo: Rossignol

Snow sports equipment maker Rossignol is entering the North American mountain bike market this spring with a line of 11 new mountain bikes, ranging from DH to hardtails and junior bikes, and everything in between. The company plans to leverage its existing network of ski retailers and rental centers in North America, building awareness among bike park consumers in iconic mountain riding destinations.

In addition, Rossignol is building on its 2017 acquisition of the Felt Bicycle and Time brands. It’s unclear whether the Felt brand will be folded into Rossignol or if it will remain independent.

Press reports indicate that Rossignol plans to offer 5 full-suspension and 6 hardtail mountain bikes in the initial North American line, including DH, enduro, and Trail bike offerings. The French company is planning to produce 27.5, 27.5+, and 29er bikes, and some junior mountain bikes as well. The company already sells electric bikes in Europe, but does not plan to bring these to the North American market in 2018.

With global warming shortening ski seasons worldwide, ski resorts and equipment manufacturers like Rossignol are looking to diversify into summer sports like mountain biking. Ski brands K2 and Head have attempted to enter the cycling market in the past, but were unsuccessful.

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