One of our writers, Jim Hodgson, is releasing a book this week about climbing the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas. The book is titled How To Mount Aconcagua. Jim calls it a “mostly serious guide.”

It’s an efficient (95 pages) day-to-day account of climbing Aconcagua, with helpful tips and a lot of humor mixed in, and you can grab a copy for just $5.99 for paper and $4.99 for Kindle.

If you’re familiar with Jim’s articles for Singletracks, you know that he enjoys the outdoors almost as much as he enjoys writing humor about the outdoors. You may have enjoyed his article “How To Be Slow on a Mountain Bike,” for instance.

We’re helping to promote How To Mount Aconcagua by offering the first two chapters here in PDF form so you can check it out.

Download the sample via this link, or just head on over to Amazon.com and order yourself a copy.

Congratulations, Jim!

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  • delphinide

    Cool. Sounds great. It’s on my ‘bucket list’…my wife’s family only lives a couple hours from there.

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