News: ENVE Ships New Rigid MTB Fork

If you’ve been thinking your bike might ride a lot better without the pesky bouncy bouncy of your front suspension and you want to go all-out, no-compromises, the mad scientists at ENVE have got you covered. Just yesterday they announced their new mountain fork, which they call “MTN.”


With an MSRP of $625 for this crabon fribé sculpture, one wonders if perhaps MTN stands for “Money Time Now” or maybe “Money? There’s None.” But you have to hand it to ENVE, the thing is absolutely gorgeous, and it weighs a paltry 686 grams. A suspension fork of the same uncompromising build quality would run you many dollars more, not to mention twice to three times the weight.

And it might be rigid, but it’s still smart. ENVE have developed what they call “flip chips,” which are the glossy things you see there on the fork. Set one way, the fork has 44° rake. Flip the chips, and it has 52° rake. The only place you’re going to find more rake options is a hardware store, and those aren’t going to do squat for your bike.

This fork is good for both 160mm and 180mm discs, and it even comes with a neat clip-on fender for when you’re riding those wet trails you’re not supposed to be riding. “Come on, Jim. You know I don’t ride wet trails!” Oh yes you do. 69% of you do, anyway, according to our survey and infographic.

As I said at the top of the article, if you’re on the lookout for the baddest, best-looking rigid MTB fork in the land, and you don’t mind shelling out decent suspension fork bucks for it, this has got to be it.

Check out ENVE’s page on the MTN fork here.