News: Yeti Announces All-New SB4.5c 29er Trail Bike


Yeti revamped their suspension design in 2014 to the Switch Infinity design, and has continued to migrate this design to all of the top-tier bikes in their lineup. With the SB5C and SB6C already in the lineup, both 27.5″ trail/enduro bikes, the question was, “when will we see a 29er?”

“Truth is, we were already well into development and have been riding prototypes for nearly a year [when we released the SB5c and SB6c],” said Yeti’s President Chris Conroy. “The goal with the SB4.5c was to build a trail-specific bike with the firm pedaling platform and supple bump absorption that our Switch Infinity design is known for. Based on feedback from racers on our team like Jared Graves and Richie Rude as well as a range of local riders and dealers who’ve ridden it, the SB4.5c is exactly the bike we were trying make.”


This new rig will feature (you guessed it) 4.5 inches of Switch Infinity travel, 29er wheels, “trail-specific geometry,” a carbon frame, and Boost 148 spacing. The SB4.5c will begin shipping on September 15, with prices ranging from $6,899 to $10,049, depending on spec.

The trail-specific geometry includes 17.2″ chainstays, a 67.9-degree headtube angle with a 130mm fork, and a 67.4-degree headtube angle with a 140mm fork.

For more detailed information on what makes Switch Infinity special, be sure to read this article.

I can’t wait to get hands-on with this new rig at Outerbike this fall. Stay tuned for first-hand ride impressions!