Mountain Bike Beers


It’s Cinco de Mayo so we thought we’d post an update to our mountain bike beer cerveza post from August, 2008. If you’re heading out tonight, skip the margaritas and order a man’s drink from the list below.

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Still the mountain bikers’ favorite, Fat Tire is now widely available in most US states (heck, it’s even on tap here in GA). Beer Advocate gives this one a B based on more than 1,200 reviews making this one of the most mainstream MTB beers you’ll find. And yet it tastes so sweet after an epic ride!

Singletrack Copper Ale

This beer can be tough to find but we love the name (I’ll have two singletracks please). This one is brewed by Boulder Beer and as far as we know that’s one of the only places you can find it these days. “Refreshing, yet full flavored,” we can’t wait to head to Boulder this summer for a taste.

Endo IPA

Carolina Beer Company brews an Endo IPA and if you drink more than a few of these you may endo yourself. The brewers claim this is a beer for those who love hops (bunny hops?) and it features a “hint of caramel.” I love the image of the old timer wearing a bike helmet on the label, anyone in Carolina want to send us a bottle?

More MTB/Bike Beers


Bike IPA is brewed in Oregon and they’re the guys who commissioned the now famous beer bike, bike bar (see photo). The Utah Brewers Cooperative brews (brewed?) a 4% beer called Wasatch Slickrock Lager that sounds like a good ride. Then there are the countless brews on tap with trail in their name – too many to mention but not so many you shouldn’t sample them all.

Next time you saddle up to the bar, order off the mountain biker’s tap list to show your loyalty!

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