Friday Top 5: Public Land Grab, Debating LBS Prices, and More

Trail: Little Rainbow, Salida, Colorado. Rider: Scott Link. Photo: Greg Heil
Trail: Little Rainbow, Salida, Colorado. Rider: Scott Link. Photo: Greg Heil

As Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and predicts 6 more weeks of winter, I find myself getting hit hard by the mid-winter doldrums. I love skiing and I love fat biking, but at the same time I’m ready to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and dry singletrack under my tires.

Our Friday Top 5 is here to remind you of all the great mountain biking media from this past week. Practice some escapism by catching up on all the latest mountain bike action, right here:

Photo of the Week

Photo: Pearl Izumi
Photo: Pearl Izumi

Without a doubt, this sunset mountain biking photo, sent over by Pearl Izumi, was the #1 photo of the week on Singletracks channels, with 1,300+ likes on Facebook and another 1,400+ likes on Instagram.

While I was about 75% sure this was taken on the Lower Loop trail in Crested Butte, Pearl Izumi didn’t provide any location data with it. However, several CB locals chimed in and confirmed that yes, this is definitely the Lower Loop!

Most Active Forum Thread

Nobody likes spending more money than they have to, as evidenced by this week’s most active forum thread: “Do you haggle over prices with your LBS?

Juiciest News

Lands within what is now the Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah may be up for sale if House Bill 621 passes. Photo: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr Creative Commons
Bears Ears National Monument in Southeast Utah. Photo: Bureau of Land Management via Flickr Creative Commons

The prospective bill to sell of 3.3 million acres of BLM land caused a massive uproar on social media. However, between the time when we finished writing our article on the topic and it was published early the next morning, Congressman Jason Chaffetz posted on his social media accounts that he would be withdrawing House Bill 621.

However, the assault on America’s public lands continues, with bills still in motion that are attempting to open national parks to oil drilling and to remove the law enforcement power of the USFS and BLM.

Most Popular Article


The roundup of “The 10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Mountain Bikers” was far and away the most popular Singletracks article of the week. The best part is that readers keep adding their own recommendations, both in the article comments section and on Facebook. The good news is that you can find pretty excellent mountain biking just about anywhere you go!

The question, of course, is: where exactly is the best? Don’t expect the debate to stop anytime soon…

Video of the Week

Who doesn’t like the sound of 5,000 feet of descending?! Nate Hills’ video from the Top of the World trail in Whistler was the most popular vid of the week on Singletracks, racking up almost 500 social shares in just a few short days.

If you missed it, check it out above… or heck, watch it again!

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