49 Things You Have to Do on Your MTB This Summer, Starting Today


Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer here in the USA, and we don’t want to waste a single moment! With that in mind, here’s a list of 49 things you have to do on your mountain bike during the roughly 100 days between now and Labor Day. Print this out and check off the list!

Selfie by Leah.
Selfie by Leah.
  1. Enter a mountain bike race.
  2. Go for a night ride.
  3. Ride a fat bike on dry trails.
  4. Build a trail.
  5. Go on an overnight bikepacking trip.
  6. Change a tire yourself.
  7. Ride at a bike park or resort. Take the chairlift to the top!
  8. Go for a dawn patrol ride that starts before the sun rises.
  9. Start (and end) a singletrack ride from your front door.
  10. Explore a trail this isn’t marked, or blaze your own across open land.
  11. Complete a dirty century (100 miles off road).
  12. Review a great trail on Singletracks. Review a terrible one too.
  13. Buy something you might normally buy online from your local bike shop.
  14. Go for a ride on a day when you think you’re just too tired.
  15. Book a guide and ride somewhere new with a tour group.
  16. Learn how to manual.
  17. Spend half a day maintaining your local singletrack.
  18. Take a kid mountain biking.
  19. Jump your bike into a lake.
  20. Ride above treeline.
  21. Go for a ride that involves more than 2,000 feet of climbing.
  22. Learn how to bunny hop without relying on your clipless pedals.
  23. Ride in another state.
  24. Build a ramp.
  25. Ride a 1,000+-foot continuous descent.
  26. Ride a pumptrack.
  27. Demo a bike you’ve never ridden.
  28. Ride a hardtail.
  29. Go for a ride with flat pedals instead of clipless.
  30. Ride with a dropper post if you don’t already have one. Or, just manually lower your seat on a big descent.
  31. Invite a friend who has never tried mountain biking for a ride.
  32. Put a new chain on.
  33. Wash your mountain bike thoroughly using dish soap and an old toothbrush.
  34. Ride in another country.
  35. Go to a mountain bike festival.
  36. Volunteer at your local bike co-op.
  37. Ride a rigid and/or singlespeed mountain bike.
  38. Bring your favorite bike mechanic a 12-pack.
  39. Stick a singletracks sticker somewhere.
  40. Shuttle a ride using a friend’s vehicle.
  41. Dip into a swimming hole mid-ride.
  42. Help a rider stopped on the trail by offering a tire change or a snack.
  43. Listen to the singletracks podcast on your way to the trail.
  44. Replace the sealant in your tires or go tubeless if you haven’t already.
  45. Take a selfie on the trail and share it with the hashtag #singletracksummer.
  46. Spend all day riding.
  47. Organize a group ride with half a dozen friends.
  48. Go for an analog ride: no GPS, no music, no phone.
  49. Attend a skills clinic–you’ll probably learn something even if you’ve been a mountain biker for years!

What did we miss? Let us know what else you have on your list this summer!

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