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Been a landscaper for 42 years. Also a hiking and mountain biking guide, plant expert, knowledge of local edible plants. 43 year skier thru out the west, Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada. Have travelled far, 3/4 of the way around the planet. Vegetarian and bluegrass music lover.

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abegold   3 weeks ago
replied to Winter riding layering questions
Merino wool socks and shirt. Below 30 I wear a mid weight shirt, above light weight. The socks are essential, espically if anything is wet. Stepping thru a frozen stream my feet...
abegold   3 weeks ago
replied to Your MTB plan?
Explore more MTB destinations. Espically in Colorado, Nevada, California and more of Arizona. Winter riding is best in AZ.
Wolves take the weakest, strengthening the species. Hunters take the biggest, healthiest they can find, weakening the population. Personally I think only NON-NATIVE invasive species should be hunted. Such as snakes in the Everglades or where wild pigs are destroying habitat.
abegold   on Oct 16, 2019
commented on Who Got You Into Mountain Biking?
Was hiking and a girl flew by on a mountain bike in 1995. I said, "Damn, that looks like fun!" Bought some dirt tires for my road bike until a friend bought a hard tail. The second I got on it I realized how much more stable it was. Bought one within a couple weeks.
abegold   on Aug 1, 2019
added Enchanted Hills
Closer to the road are mellower. To northwest from parking is a designated down hill trail with 3' drops. Black...
abegold   on Jul 22, 2019
added a review of Boomerang Trail

The first few miles are doubletrack jeep roads. Worth it to climb to Alta Lakes, beautiful area. Once you get...
Sand Canyon is a fun trail and fascinating. East and West Rock canyons were built for mountain biking. At points the grade changes are quick, tech. Not ridden anywhere else you could feel the presence of the native spirits other than walking around Chaco Canyon. I rode it at sunrise in summer with temps in…
abegold   on Jul 14, 2019
replied to How true are your wheels?
True, as I'm 140 pounds nothing on the bike gets stressed. Everything is built for heavier riders.
abegold   on Jul 14, 2019
added 2 photos.
Summer escape to the cool mountains.
abegold   on Jun 27, 2019
answered a question about
From Oracle Rd go east on Golder Ranch Rd. After crossing a bridge the road will soon turn to dirt....
abegold   on Jun 13, 2019
added a review of Alta Trail

Beautiful ride that's longer than advertised, around 10 miles to town. I rode from the lakes to Telluride. Most of...
abegold   on Jun 13, 2019
added a review of Deep Creek Trail

This begins with road riding and the elevation will have us lowlanders gasping for air. Deep Creek always flows. You'll...
Near Grants, NM is Mt Taylor with it's 5000' descent. Above Gallup in the Ft WU=ingate area is the Zuni Mountain Trails with camping and mostly mellow riding in the cool mountain air in summer. A race is held here and there are several trails.
abegold   on May 12, 2019
commented on Long-Term Tubeless MTB Tire Sealant Throwdown
Still no leaks after 13 months. It is pretty dry so I just added fresh Slime.
abegold   on May 11, 2019
added a review of Hawes Loop

Nice place with considerable climbs and descents in the cactus covered hills. Not gentle climbs.
Top 3 is not nearly enough.
abegold   on Apr 21, 2019
asked a question about Watson Woods trails
5g stocks
abegold   on Mar 27, 2019
replied to Moab vs Bryce / Zion / Sedona
There may be no mountain biking in Bryce or Zion but right next to Zion is Guacamole Trail and Gooseberry is across the valley. A few miles from Bryce are more hoodoos...
Sure love my new Turner Flux. California company. While the frames are now made overseas this bike rocks! I can descend so much better with the new slack geometry. And climb so...
Fantasy Island, Tucson, Arizona. 72 degrees in the desert sun. This trail is mostly about leaning into the many curves in the trails, G out. Saguaro cactus forest, Sonoran Desert.
abegold   on Jan 30, 2019
added Hyper
The best back ventilation. Very comfortable. Bladder, rain cover and quality waist strap. Expandable bellows makes the 14 liter pack...
abegold   on Jan 11, 2019
replied to March Trip - Struggling for Ideas
Arizona is more than Sedona, Phoenix has several trails around town, don't miss Gold Canyon. Black Canyon and South Mountain. Tucson also with 50 Year, Tucson Mountains and the AZ Trail as...

This starts along a canyon rim and proceeds to enter another drainage crossing under Interstate 10 thru a drainage tunnel....
abegold   on Dec 24, 2018
replied to Cuba trails and rental
This month's Dirt Rag has an article about Velo Cuba. With the US embargo they struggle getting things like shock oils and brake fluids so a trade might have barter power. Women...
abegold   on Nov 22, 2018
answered a question about
Harrison Rd and Irvington Rd, to the south. Also Valencia near Frost to the east of intersection.
Once I figured out I'd punctured the rim strip by using a flat screwdriver to get the damn tire off and cleaned all the crap on the rim and tire strip, I...
abegold   on Oct 27, 2018
replied to USA MTB Trails- October?
San Diego-Noble Canyon San Francisco-Coe State Park, Annandale SP, China Camp SP/Tamarancho Las Vegas-Bootleg Canyon, Blue Diamond, Bristlecone Pine Trail Phoenix-South Mountain, Hawes, Gold Canyon, Black Canyon Tucson, Tucson Mountains, 50 Year Trail, Arizona Trail, Tortolitas...
abegold   on Oct 23, 2018
answered a question about
Not in Page, farther west in Kaibab National Forest about 1.5 miles east of Jacob Lake.
abegold   on Sep 19, 2018
replied to Winter Apparel
Doesn't get too cold here but below 45F light weight merino wool shirt and socks, light jacket and cycling vest. Below 30F medium weight merino shirt. Tights are a must or cycling...
abegold   on Sep 19, 2018
replied to Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving?
If you have a strong back and don't ride where it's rocky and rooty full suspension is less important. With my old back and the rocky trails of Arizona it's a must....
abegold   on Sep 13, 2018
added a review of Black Range Crest Trail #79

This trail is steep and I only rode a few miles as it kicked my butt. You're deep in the...
abegold   on Sep 10, 2018
replied to Crash on new bike
I have a new Turner Flux with the new lower sitting position geometry that I bought I April, just turned 65. My old bike, a Turner Burner '04 I had plenty of...
abegold   on Sep 10, 2018
commented on Long-Term Tubeless MTB Tire Sealant Throwdown
No review of the new Slime Sealant? Bought it in April. Live and ride the tough, pointy Sonoran Desert. No leaks, no problems after 5 months.
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