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  • in reply to: MTB handlebar height #577333

    My seat is about 2″ higher and I’m 67. Turner Flux is a great climber and descending bike at 27.1 lb.

    Have long legs.


    in reply to: Adventure Ride #507969

    Just last weekend I went to southern Arizonas tallest mountain, Mt Graham, the Pinelenos Mountains. It was a cardiac test as I have my second heart surgery planned next June. Hate summer in the desert so the best time to be out of comission, for months. Dr will crack my chest open again and at 48 it took over a month to do much, now at 67 it’ll be tougher. Mountain biking at 9000’+ was a test to see if I can ski this winter and elevations effects. The trail was washed out from strong summer rains and baby heads were everywhere along with steep climbs and a hardly used trail. When I got to the top of the climb there’s a sweet view point of the Sulphur Springs Valley, Galiuro Mountains and more. From there is cell reception so I could call my girlfriend and tell her I am ready for ski season. My 27.1 pound Turner Flux climbs like a goat and descends like a dream, with an old goat on the pedals.

    in reply to: I need advice about my rims. #500503

    I bought a Stans ZTR Crest rim (aluminum), then bought carbon rims. The weight difference was NOT worth the extra money and only noticeable at first yet the Stans rims are much cheaper. $400 wasted on one wheel. Have the Stans rim sitting but it’s 27.5. Could most likely find a bargain on Ebay.


    in reply to: What to do? Bike ideas. #369263

    When you ride a modern trail bike with modern geometry you will get it. At 66 I’m descending faster than ever! Your weight should be figured into what you buy as bigger guys need tougher parts. At 140 pounds nothing ever breaks. 1 broken chain in 60 years of biking!

    in reply to: New to everything and looking for a mtn bike #325687

    I love my full suspension but have a bad back and live where it’s rocky. Age doesn’t help. If young and have a good back stick with a hard tail. I’d also suggest a 27.5 at your height. I weight just 5 pounds more, nothing will break. Bikes are built to handle heavier people. Broke 1 chain in 59 years of biking. You will always find better deals with used bikes but it helps to have someone with you who can point out the good and bad parts. Look for a bike with progressive geometry. Stay away from 26″ wheels, big penalty in what it will roll over and speed.

    in reply to: coldest ride day #307479

    Maybe 25F. Living in Tucson there’s just no need to ride when cold, just wait a few hours. Winter riding paradise, 600+ miles of trails. But when it is cold I get out the ski gloves, not very nimble. SWOBO merino wool tights and Ibex wool top. Wool socks are a must. 68 at 9am today, when started  a ride. Spring flowers starting to bloom.


    in reply to: Dirt Rag ceasing operation #306412

    I had a life time subscription, part of what put them out of business. Always a fun read, read it for 15 years.

    in reply to: Can a 26er be saved #303472

    I thought my ’04 Turner Burner was bike lust worthy but when I bought the ’17 Turner Flux with 27.5 wheels and progressive geometry the old Burner became my road bike. The larger wheels are just plain faster and go over rocks and roots sooo much easier that at 66 I’m descending faster than ever. Time for a new or at least modern bike!

    in reply to: Your MTB plan? #290724

    Explore more MTB destinations. Espically in Colorado, Nevada, California and more of Arizona. Winter riding is best in AZ.

    in reply to: Winter riding layering questions #290721

    Merino wool socks and shirt. Below 30 I wear a mid weight shirt, above light weight. The socks are essential, espically if anything is wet. Stepping thru a frozen stream my feet didn’t get cold. ALWAYS wear breathable layers if any hill climbing is involved.

    in reply to: How true are your wheels? #265920

    True, as I’m 140 pounds nothing on the bike gets stressed. Everything is built for heavier riders.

    in reply to: Moab vs Bryce / Zion / Sedona #259460

    There may be no mountain biking in Bryce or Zion but right next to Zion is Guacamole Trail and Gooseberry is across the valley. A few miles from Bryce are more hoodoos at Thunder Mountain Trail and Lossee adds even more interest nearby. If hot go to Navajo Lake and the Virgin River Rim Trail (steep). Flagstaff in Arizona but read much will be closed the next 2 years, by Schultz Creek. For big descents several ways off Brianhead (ski). Wanna sightsee? Rainbow Rim Trail and the North Kaibab Section of the Arizona Trail.

    Sure love my new Turner Flux. California company. While the frames are now made overseas this bike rocks! I can descend so much better with the new slack geometry. And climb so much more with 27.5 wheels, at age 65 riding most trails faster than ever. My previous bike a Turner Burner ’04 was made in the USA.

    in reply to: Roll Call: Where did you ride this weekend? 1/27/19 #255962

    Fantasy Island, Tucson, Arizona. 72 degrees in the desert sun. This trail is mostly about leaning into the many curves in the trails, G out. Saguaro cactus forest, Sonoran Desert.

    in reply to: March Trip – Struggling for Ideas #254441

    Arizona is more than Sedona, Phoenix has several trails around town, don’t miss Gold Canyon. Black Canyon and South Mountain. Tucson also with 50 Year, Tucson Mountains and the AZ Trail as highlights. Prescott and Flagstaff also, but March is early for there.

    One area I haven’t hit yet but may around then is Big Bend, TX.

    in reply to: Cuba trails and rental #253641

    This month’s Dirt Rag has an article about Velo Cuba. With the US embargo they struggle getting things like shock oils and brake fluids so a trade might have barter power. Women run shop.


    in reply to: What's your relationship with tubeless tires? #251012

    Once I figured out I’d punctured the rim strip by using a flat screwdriver to get the damn tire off and cleaned all the crap on the rim and tire strip, I love tubeless. I had lots of problems with tubes stems breaking because the rim strip was wrinkled just enough, my fault.

    in reply to: USA MTB Trails- October? #250141

    San Diego-Noble Canyon

    San Francisco-Coe State Park, Annandale SP, China Camp SP/Tamarancho

    Las Vegas-Bootleg Canyon, Blue Diamond, Bristlecone Pine Trail

    Phoenix-South Mountain, Hawes, Gold Canyon, Black Canyon

    Tucson, Tucson Mountains, 50 Year Trail, Arizona Trail, Tortolitas

    in reply to: Opinions Welcome: Upgrade or keep saving? #247129

    If you have a strong back and don’t ride where it’s rocky and rooty full suspension is less important. With my old back and the rocky trails of Arizona it’s a must. The new geometry (lower riding position) of my Turner Flux is helping me descent faster than ever at 65 years! But if you want to travel west the full suspension is helpful in these Rocky Mountains.

    in reply to: Winter Apparel #247128

    Doesn’t get too cold here but below 45F light weight merino wool shirt and socks, light jacket and cycling vest. Below 30F medium weight merino shirt. Tights are a must or cycling pants. Merino socks will still keep your feet warm even when you put your foot thru a frozen stream into the water. Wear wool skiing, too. Winter cycling gloves down to 30F, below that ski gloves. Have light and heavy tights but rarely wear the heavy ones here in Arizona.

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