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triangle // Virginia

The most important component in my eyes, is the rider him/herself. Anyone can buy a multi thousand dollar bike and go ride. I feel it takes a good rider to turn any bike, regardless of components into a great bike. I've been mountain biking since 1989. My first bike was a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo…
hnetsrik   on Aug 19, 2013
added a comment on How To Be Slow on a Mountain Bike
Great article, I am now 42 and have been riding since '89. I used to ride fast and hard, now...
hnetsrik   on May 24, 2013
added a comment on What's in your hydration pack?
I haven't used a hydration pack for a while now. I have switched to a custom made frame pak, it...
hnetsrik   on Jan 24, 2013
added a comment on Kenda Slant Six 2.35 UST Tire Review
Are these tires front/rear specific?
Where did you order the part from?
hnetsrik   on Jun 7, 2011
added a comment on Syncros FL Carbon Mountain Bike Fork Preview
Does Syncros put a rider weight limit on their fork? I am a clydesdale and then some.
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