Syncros FL Carbon Mountain Bike Fork Preview

We don’t post a lot of product review teasers here on singletracks but the Syncros FL Carbon Fork is particularly drool-worthy and we just couldn’t resist. The FL Carbon is an all-carbon 29er mountain bike fork that weighs 1 lb, 5 oz. according to our postage scale. And that’s before cutting the steerer to size!

I had the fork mounted on my Redline d660 just a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to ride it yet but I can tell you this: my 29er mountain bike now weighs just 2 lbs. more than my carbon fiber road bike. Ridic.

This is one of those forks you take into the bike shop and a crowd of customers and employees starts to gather around to gawk. The FL Carbon is a fork that looks like it belongs on a mountain bike unlike some of the other rigid carbon forks out there. Let’s just hope it doesn’t completely harsh the ride on the trail.

Stay tuned for the full review within a few weeks!

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