Review: Easton EC70 Wide Carbon Flat Bar

In addition to its sheer sexiness factor, carbon offers the very tangible bonuses of light weight and vibration damping. While some people want to dispute the effectiveness of using carbon for certain bike components, there’s really no dispute about how effective carbon is for handlebars. In addition to lightening the front end considerably, carbon bars do a fantastic job of damping trail chatter and smoothing out the ride.

Enter the Easton EC70 Wide carbon flat bar.


The EC70 Wide is a carbon flat bar that’s designed to offer the leverage and control that have led to the popularity of wide bars, without the added height from the riser that has often accompanied the increased width.

Measuring in at 720mm wide, the bar features a 9-degree back sweep and a 31.8mm clamp diameter, all at a wispy-light advertised weight of 166 grams.

While the Thomson Carbon Flat Bar I reviewed recently is 10mm longer, it weighs a full 39 grams more than the EC70… yeah, the EC70 is really light!

The matte black finish hides the carbon weave, giving it a very different look from the Thomson that it replaced on my bike. Still, the EC70 looks pretty snazzy, with a few tastefully-subtle logos.

Out on the Trail

I mounted the bar up on my Airborne Goblin hardtail 29er and took it out into the dry Colorado foothills to beat it down. Despite being wispy-light carbon, I spared no abuse: I rode as hard and recklessly as I normally do, including several 3+ hour hammerfests and some very rocky trails that I wouldn’t have minded a full suspension bike on.

Despite my abuse, the EC70 didn’t complain… not even once. The bar still looks as great as the day I mounted it, and it has done a great job of smoothing out trail chatter and providing quality wide-bar stability and control.

Photo: miniskibum.

Bottom Line

Easton has been developing carbon sports products for over 20 years, and that experience shines through in products even as relatively simple as a handlebar. If you’re in the market for a wide, carbon flat bar, consider the EC70 Wide!

MSRP: $120

Thanks to Easton for sending the EC70 Wide over for review!