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craZivn   on May 22, 2018
replied to Does anybody use a hammock?
@Moto Bike Mike, the reason hammocks suck in cold weather is that the cold comes through the bottom of your sleeping bag, since the insulation can't do it's job while it's being...
craZivn   on May 15, 2018
replied to Sarma Bikes - to be avoided
Fair point Jeff, I admit I jumped to conclusions there. I guess I'm used to overseas companies having an American service rep for warranty claims and such. Dmitrysh, I apologize if I came...
AK is Alaska, I think you mean Bentonville AR. :D I've been to Copper Harbor and definitely plan on going back a few times this Summer! The trails are an awesome blend from...
craZivn   on May 12, 2018
replied to Sarma Bikes - to be avoided
"Hey, I’m part of Sarma Support team. Normally we do help to most of our customers in our warranty policy. I hope few of them could confirm this is too.. You broke two wheels in...
craZivn   on May 8, 2018
replied to What's with the new boom box trend?
I don't listen to music on the trail because I do some of my most creative thinking while riding, and having anything playing would be distracting. With that said, I haven't noticed the...
craZivn   on May 8, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Stay out of my way.   :D
Kudos for continuing to do what you love! One theme that does seem to be prevalent with full-face helmets is that while they may not provide additional impact resistance, they do appear to...
craZivn   on Apr 17, 2018
replied to Mountain biking season yet?
We just got two feet over the weekend here in central Wisconsin, yesterday I used the fatbike to get to the bar! Ivan
craZivn   on Apr 14, 2018
replied to Dropper SeatPost - Worth it?
I would give up my rear suspension before giving up my dropper post. I find that it's a matter of efficiency more than anything else. Leave it at full height for efficient climbing,...
I flip mine upside-down when it's convenient, when in the shop I always put bits of newspaper or cardboard under the contact points (seat, bar ends) but it isn't really necessary. When on...
It's actually pretty easy to home in on the center of the stud using the knocking method, your knocks will become more solid as you near the stud and then fade into hollowness as you pass it. Finding the center-point of the solid sound is pretty straightforward. ...And if you're horrible at the stud-finding game…
craZivn   on Mar 27, 2018
replied to Riding through a puddle
You're not going fast enough. You must achieve planing speed before hitting the puddle or your wheels will just sink to the bottom.   Ivan
craZivn   on Mar 20, 2018
replied to Tire logo
I recommend mounting the logo on the inside. This will make the tire look super clean, and you may also notice that your tread lasts much longer as well.   Ivan
craZivn   on Mar 14, 2018
replied to Georgia MTB trails with camping
Will keep an eye out for sure! If you catch me early enough in my trip I might still have some Wisconsin-born New Glarus craft beer aboard which I’m happy to share! Ivan...
craZivn   on Mar 11, 2018
replied to Fender to protect dropper post stanchion
The problem I have with the inner tube is that I like to wipe the dust from the seatpost stanchion after every day of riding and give it a light film of...
craZivn   on Mar 10, 2018
replied to Adventure/Gravel bike build
Wow, looks awesome! As someone who used to build recumbents as a hobby I can relate to the blood, sweat and sleepless nights spent planning things out and weighing the options. Might...
craZivn   on Mar 10, 2018
replied to Fender to protect dropper post stanchion
@SmokyBear, what kind of fender do you have that weighs less than an 8" x 1" piece of plastic?   Ivan
craZivn   on Mar 9, 2018
replied to Fender to protect dropper post stanchion
Cleverly simple! The price is a little high, but then again, dropper posts are expensive. The selection of available colors is a nice option! If he designs one that attaches to the seat...
craZivn   on Feb 27, 2018
replied to Georgia MTB trails with camping
Hello Jmoser, I'm planning on doing the exact same thing! Leaving March 31st for a week in Georgia! I'll be staying at Cloudland from Sunday until Thursday, then packing up and heading a...
I haven't yet had my Ultimate Epic Adventure. I should point out that to qualify as a UEA in my book, it must involve at least four of the following: Ancient civilization...
craZivn   on Feb 9, 2018
replied to Different gases for tires
I would use hydrogen, lighter than helium and probably ideal for fatbike tires. Very safe unless exposed to any sort of spark.   Ivan
Not that I have any concerns with releasing extra CO2 into the atmosphere (trees love it!) but I don't think the "opportunity to reduce emissions" bit applies to eMTBs. Ivan
It seems to me that some companies are cashing in on the eMTB market. What's next, eMTB-specific jerseys, because your regular MTB jersey isn't "optimized" for e-bike riding? Just an observation, I don't...
craZivn   on Feb 1, 2018
replied to My MTB/Camping Trailer Project!
My bikes should fit with the wheels installed, but some larger bikes might not. The interior length is 6'1" so by going for the wheels-removed method, I won't have to worry about...
craZivn   on Jan 31, 2018
replied to best bike watches?
I've been using a Garmin Vivoactive HR, my first GPS watch. It's not fancy and it's not pretty to look at, but it tracks my rides and tells me the time which...
craZivn   on Jan 31, 2018
replied to My MTB/Camping Trailer Project!
Thank you! I did see some really sweet slide-out systems online when I went looking for ideas. But with the need to easily swap between solo/crew/regular old enclosed trailer mode I decided...
craZivn   on Jan 30, 2018
started a topic: My MTB/Camping Trailer Project!
Here's my trailer project so far, I'm fitting it out for taking MTB trips this Summer! Opinions and criticisms on either the project or the blog itself is appreciated, I'm new to blogs. Enjoy!   Ivan...
@Alvin Mullen Sure, any flat-soled Sketchers or skate shoes work fine for riding, but what will we wear when we go out clubbing and want to advertise that we’re super-rad mountain bikers?...
So, does this mean that there will be no-one to write out citations either?
craZivn   on Jan 14, 2018
replied to Help needed - bent deraullier or hanger,
Dumb question here, but have you checked the wheel for any anomalies?   Ivan
To Aaron, the scenario you outline is not realistic. First of all, if you're carrying a gun, it's not in your pack. It's somewhere on your person and it's already chambered (modern carry handguns are extremely safe in this configuration even if dropped, they generally have multiple safety mechanisms to prevent a discharge unless the…
My read of this article differed from yours quite a bit, Tomp. As a matter of fact I got exactly the same message from the article that you stated in your comment: "be prepared and learn how to keep yourself safe, but don’t look to the woods with fear." It's a matter of personal interpretation,…
So what if someone is wired for flight, but is also really slow? Uh, just asking for a friend.
My guess would be because they figure that anyone who would buy one is gullible enough to spend a stupid amount of money on it? Honestly I may be missing something but my initial impression is that this product is DUMB.
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