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My bikes should fit with the wheels installed, but some larger bikes might not. The interior length is 6’1″ so by going for the wheels-removed method, I won’t have to worry about fitting my buddy’s XL-frame MTB in there. The other thing that appeals to me is that it takes care of stabilizing the bikes as well, since the forks are locked in. It’s a tradeoff, but to me it’s worth the extra step of removing the front wheel.

I agree 100% on the pop-up canopy idea! I spent some time researching them last night actually, apparently there is a difference between the $60 ones and the $200 ones but the varying opinions on brands etc. are enough to drive me to drink if I hadn’t already been drinking. There are also a couple pics online where people made awnings out of tarps, but the pop-up idea would be cleaner and faster to set up.