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  • in reply to: Does anybody use a hammock? #240654

    @Moto Bike Mike, the reason hammocks suck in cold weather is that the cold comes through the bottom of your sleeping bag, since the insulation can’t do it’s job while it’s being crushed by your body weight. The way to fix this is to line your sleeping bag with a dense wool blanket (I use one of those Swiss army-surplus ones, very thin but very dense and heavy) before rolling out your hammock. I’ve used this method down to freezing temps so far with great success.

    They also sell fancy inflatable hammock liners but those are expensive.


    I don’t have experience boondocking at a trailhead (it sounds like an awesome idea though!) but I sleep in a hammock every night, I’ve anchored eye-bolts into my bedroom walls so I never have to sleep in a flat bed again. I haven’t experienced the knee discomfort that Head Over Handlebars described, which could have to do with the hanging angle of the hammock or simply the fact that everyone is different.

    Anyway I’d say go for it! Unless the place has signs that forbid camping or overnight parking, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any trouble. I like the idea, I might try it myself this Summer.


    in reply to: Sarma Bikes – to be avoided #240157

    Fair point Jeff, I admit I jumped to conclusions there. I guess I’m used to overseas companies having an American service rep for warranty claims and such.

    Dmitrysh, I apologize if I came off as sounding entitled. I made the incorrect assumption that you had a base in the States and didn’t stop to consider that English wasn’t your primary language.



    in reply to: Sarma Bikes – to be avoided #240026


    I’m part of Sarma Support team. Normally we do help to most of our customers in our warranty policy. I hope few of them could confirm this is too..

    You broke two wheels in very short time and distance. All information passed to RND team and factory. According our experience it’s very complicated to brake two items in normal conditions.

    More over we offered you new rims with super discount.

    I believe it’s just not fair to write here “To be avoided”.

    But good luck for you man.”

    If this is par for Sarma’s customer service communication, I’d be leary of dealing with them simply based on the profuse lack of correct spelling and syntax.



    in reply to: Midwest biking trip advice….. UP MI or AK? #240025

    AK is Alaska, I think you mean Bentonville AR. 😀

    I’ve been to Copper Harbor and definitely plan on going back a few times this Summer! The trails are an awesome blend from techy to machine-built flow, there is at least one cool waterfall to be found and the whole little town has an atmosphere of isolation, like it’s a setting from Twin Peaks or something. I live in Central Wi so it’s close enough to be a weekend trip for me.

    How long do you plan on staying at your chosen destination? I didn’t ride all the trails at Copper Harbor but was told they can all be ridden in a day if you opt for the shuttle which runs on weekends. For a week-long expedition, you might want to plan some other stops on the way (like Levis Mound right here in Wisco!).

    With that said, I’ve heard lots of great things about Bentonville, hoping to make it down there myself this Fall!


    in reply to: One Line Advice Thread #239773

    Stay out of my way.



    in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #239772

    I don’t listen to music on the trail because I do some of my most creative thinking while riding, and having anything playing would be distracting.

    With that said, I haven’t noticed the boom-box trend being a problem. On the rare occasion when I encounter another biker who is using one, I only have to hear it for a few minutes before being out of earshot so it doesn’t bother me.

    If I was riding with a group and someone decided to bust out their favorite bro-country playlist, then I would have a very negative experience and make note never to invite/ride with such person in the future. But so far, mutual respect on the trails prevails in this area.



    Kudos for continuing to do what you love!

    One theme that does seem to be prevalent with full-face helmets is that while they may not provide additional impact resistance, they do appear to provide more coverage for the back of the head than a regular helmet. Something to consider I guess.

    I can’t help in the body armor department except to say that my Camelback makes an awesome spinal cushion in an ass-over-teakettle event!



    in reply to: Mountain biking season yet? #238725

    We just got two feet over the weekend here in central Wisconsin, yesterday I used the fatbike to get to the bar!


    in reply to: Dropper SeatPost – Worth it? #238577

    I would give up my rear suspension before giving up my dropper post.

    I find that it’s a matter of efficiency more than anything else. Leave it at full height for efficient climbing, and get it out of the way for gnarly stuff. In varied terrain I find myself constantly adjusting it without thinking about it. Up a little for this section, down a bit for that. It’s intuitive and keeps my butt in just the right place to conserve pedaling energy wherever possible.

    BTW I’m 5’11” and use a Crank Brothers Highline which has worked perfectly since I bought it last year.


    in reply to: Do you turn your bike upside down to work on it? #238556

    I flip mine upside-down when it’s convenient, when in the shop I always put bits of newspaper or cardboard under the contact points (seat, bar ends) but it isn’t really necessary.

    When on the trail I simply make sure there’s nothing sharp underneath the seat when I flip the bike. Contact with dirt or grass isn’t going to significantly shorten the life of my seat or grips. I don’t have a bar-mounted GPS and my controls are all underneath the bars so there’s nothing delicate to contact the ground.

    For my part, I don’t have a use for the Backflip product. For me, it’s the solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. And those bar plugs are hideous!



    in reply to: Riding through a puddle #237409

    You’re not going fast enough. You must achieve planing speed before hitting the puddle or your wheels will just sink to the bottom.



    in reply to: Tire logo #236796

    I recommend mounting the logo on the inside. This will make the tire look super clean, and you may also notice that your tread lasts much longer as well.



    in reply to: Georgia MTB trails with camping #236439

    Will keep an eye out for sure! If you catch me early enough in my trip I might still have some Wisconsin-born New Glarus craft beer aboard which I’m happy to share!


    in reply to: Fender to protect dropper post stanchion #236317

    The problem I have with the inner tube is that I like to wipe the dust from the seatpost stanchion after every day of riding and give it a light film of silicone. A boot would make that unnecessarily time-consuming.



    in reply to: Fender to protect dropper post stanchion #236299

    @SmokyBear, what kind of fender do you have that weighs less than an 8″ x 1″ piece of plastic?



    in reply to: Adventure/Gravel bike build #236298

    Wow, looks awesome! As someone who used to build recumbents as a hobby I can relate to the blood, sweat and sleepless nights spent planning things out and weighing the options. Might not hurt to check with the local PD and see if the bike’s been reported stolen, just to make sure.

    The labor of love that’s gone into rejuvenating this frame is inspiring! It would have been a shame to see it go to waste.



    in reply to: Fender to protect dropper post stanchion #236290

    Cleverly simple! The price is a little high, but then again, dropper posts are expensive. The selection of available colors is a nice option!

    If he designs one that attaches to the seat rails, it will be universal across all droppers instead of being Reverb-specific.


    I’m going to make myself one out of Kydex!



    in reply to: Georgia MTB trails with camping #235716

    Hello Jmoser, I’m planning on doing the exact same thing! Leaving March 31st for a week in Georgia!

    I’ll be staying at Cloudland from Sunday until Thursday, then packing up and heading a bit East to Mulberry Gap from Thursday to Saturday. If you see a green Forester with Wisconsin tags, stop by my campsite and say hi! I’ll probably have a white trailer with a green EZ-up.



    in reply to: Your definition of the "Ultimate Epic Adventure" #234958

    I haven’t yet had my Ultimate Epic Adventure. I should point out that to qualify as a UEA in my book, it must involve at least four of the following: Ancient civilization (worth two spots if civilization is submerged), extraterrestrial interaction, highway robbers, forced voyage on tramp ship, bush plane, crashed WWII bomber, tornado.

    However I plan on getting out this Summer and seeing what I can find in Nebraska. (Was trying for Ecuador but the dart didn’t cooperate.)



    in reply to: Different gases for tires #234600

    I would use hydrogen, lighter than helium and probably ideal for fatbike tires. Very safe unless exposed to any sort of spark.



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