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Started riding bikes on mini bike trails in the 70s. We did things on those bikes that I would never consider doing now

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ericshell   on Mar 1, 2019
replied to Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Cannondale Jekyll 29 3
I loved this PODCAST. It is very relevant to me.After researching mountain bike destinations my wife and I are going on our 2 Summer trips to mountain bike destinations. The first one is Kingdom Trails in Burke Vt. and the 2nd one is Pisgah National forest in North Carolina. I also found the part of…
If you can pre ride the course a week before..
ericshell   on Feb 20, 2019
asked a question about Race Face Chester
Absolutely. I wear 5 10s and sometimes the shoe feels "stuck" to the pedal. I LOVE these little pedals. They...
I like bars that are not heaving in my stomach. Cliff bars are like cement in my gut. Larabars are light enough along with Skratch. But my mainstay is a real banana. Seems to work the best for me
Who wouldnt want to pack it all in..get an RV and mountain bike around the country? Great advise on getting a used one and refurbishing it. Now I just need a job that lets me work remotely!
Great PODCAST. I often bike on my own and it occurs to me .."What if?" I find myself being a little more conservative on obstacles and rowdy rock gardens than when I ride with friends. Bonnie sounds very passionate about this subject. Learned alot
Well said. Take what he has to say and use what works for you. I think the Clipless v Flats is more of an individual choice. Like boxer or briefs.
James is definitely passionate about his beliefs. I ride flats and I own a pair of his pedals. I like the feel of these pedals. Obviously Flats vs Clipless is an argument that will not be settled in one podcast. (or ever) His theories are controversial and I think Jeff did a fantastic job in…
This year I made a commitment to rider all winter. The trick is to have the appropriate clothing. I noticed that I tend to OVER dress. Its a work in progress. But...
ericshell   on Nov 27, 2017
commented on a photo of Cloudview
ericshell   on Nov 27, 2017
started a topic: Big No No bya Newbie
I was riding at my favorite MTB trail and came upon a rider moving boulders off the trail.."What are ya doin?" I asked. "Well..the big rocks are in the way and I am...
ericshell   on Nov 15, 2017
replied to glasses
I wear $9.00 DeWalt safety glasses. I bought them as a temporary replacement when my wife "Borrowed" my $125.00 Wiley x pair. They work just fine. I still wear them. They look...
ericshell   on Nov 13, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
Thats what I do..Just was wondering if there was other responses. Your response was not harsh. No apology is necessary. Thanks!
ericshell   on Nov 13, 2017
started a topic: Awkward Moment. What do you do?
We were riding when a helmetless rider rode up to us. Everytime I see one of these guys I have the same response as seeing a smoker. "They STILL do that?" The Mr...
ericshell   on Nov 11, 2017
replied to Thank you Veterans!
USMC 1981 to 1992  
ericshell   on Nov 10, 2017
started a topic: Thank you Veterans!
Just a quick note to thank all our Military Veterans past and present. Your personal sacrifice is deeply appreciated. Also Happy Birthday Marines!
ericshell   on Nov 9, 2017
replied to Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?
I work with Subaru..Saw this today and remembered Jeffs post. Check it out.      
ericshell   on Nov 6, 2017
commented on Do Women's Mountain Bikes Offend You?
Everything offends everybody. So I am not surprised someone even dreamed this up.
My concern is that they will get faster. As with any technology they will improve these bikes. Make them faster and easier to handle. Will there be a day that these bikes are do 40 MPH on the trails. Is it safe to have older folks who are too frail and weak to ride a…
ericshell   on Nov 2, 2017
replied to Photo details
I find myself asking the same thing. Many pics I see on singletracks end up as my desktop pic... Some of these places look amazing!
ericshell   on Nov 2, 2017
replied to Bike odyssey 2018 - xc race greece
My wife's father is from Fourni (Vrachonisída Makronísi). Her mom is from Lefkas. <div class="_EP"> <div class="abup"> <div id="lxhdr"> <div class="_RXk"></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="gic rl_center"></div>
ericshell   on Nov 2, 2017
replied to Bike odyssey 2018 - xc race greece
ericshell   on Nov 2, 2017
replied to Bike odyssey 2018 - xc race greece
It happened I copied and paste the name Vrachonisída Makronísi . Im not sure why its there.
ericshell   on Nov 1, 2017
replied to Bike odyssey 2018 - xc race greece
Hmmm My wife is from Greece...Maybe I can spin it that I am taking her back home to visit. Then duck out for this ride..for 8 days..I just might get away with...
Ebikes should be only allowed on motorized trails only.
ericshell   on Oct 31, 2017
replied to 27.5 MTB Inner Tube ?'s
I went tubeless this year. Best move I have done for my bike. But before that I would just go into my MTB shop and get whatever tube they had on the...
Awesome response. You nailed it. I cant believe that laziness is even creeping into mountain biking. Im an old ex Marine at 54 and I will pedal until I cant do it anymore. I would rather crawl up a trail, dragging my bike behind me before I sit my old ass on a ebike.
Amen brother...My thoughts exactly
Im a purest. I will never be in favor of these bikes. Kinda defeats the purpose of a human powered MTB. If you want a mini bike just buy one.
Just one word....Awesome
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