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Background: 70's bmx racer Current: old, 6 knee surgeries, 20 yrs desert rat, 25 yrs mtn. rat. 29er sizes helped me get back on a bike, room for limited flexion knees. Only source of pain free cardio.

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azdb   on Aug 31, 2017
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
Wow, I would seriously look at those carbon Marins.   If I were in market, I would.
azdb   on Aug 15, 2017
replied to What's with the new boom box trend?
I thrive on music, love it.  Been one of the few constants in my life for 45 years. My first concert: Ozzy with Randy Rhodes and Motorhead. Second concert: Van Halen.....and on...
Sissypants........bad luck. Don't know anything about your tire and bike, but I went tubeless maybe 5 years ago, have not had a flat since. In dry AZ sharp rocks etc.....not one slash or puncture while riding. But I am sure the plus tire thickness different. I am still amazed at the whole tubeless thing, works…
I have both sram and xt m8k. No major issues. I still think my mechanical cable brakes were the best. Not sure how hydraulic are better. The tension was right, the play was minimal, impossible to get oil bubbles, I tried to get cables brakes on my Norco, the shop almost refused, lol. Anyway, not…
azdb   on Jun 21, 2017
commented on How (and Why) To Mountain Bike in the Heat
It was 101 today in Prescott. Went for a ride, even 90+ will thin out the trail herd, makes for easy riding.
azdb   on May 28, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Advice ($2,500)
That is a pretty good choice really for that price range. Probably has a dropper post, good geo, tires, travel, etc....Giant puts out some value in their offerings, they are truly "giant"... is an event if I see 2 hikers much less 40.....I would not make it long in LA. Part of trail riding is not seeing people......the " better f'ing slow down..." lady was a sweetheart....... Morals of story, 1) ditch LA and 2) don't ride on Saturdays unless you are in backcountry somewhere in…
azdb   on May 8, 2017
replied to Dropper Posts
Resisted dropper posts until half a year ago.  Now, cannot imagine riding without one.  As important to my riding as is a round in AZ mtns. anyway. I use it constantly....
azdb   on May 5, 2017
commented on 10 Days Spent Exploring Peru's Sacred Valley
Wow.....great experience. I would have to have a glass of wine before, not after, climbing up to the hotel del cliffside though.
I get entangled in red tape just reading about NorCal trail issues. No thank you. I am sure they do not want visitors anyway. Would have loved to explore though in the Joe Breeze and Tom Ritchey days....
azdb   on Apr 21, 2017
replied to New Guy on the Internet Block
Ignore that negative post.  That is the kind of attitude that baffles me in mtb, marvinmartian that is...  I had a racing background as a kid and got back into biking for...
azdb   on Apr 11, 2017
commented on 10 Trails I Like More Than You - 2017 Edition
Hey FS, watch this video here set in Fruita Co. Let me know when you get back to CO. Ill meet you there....these Fruita trails look like a blast.... DB
That looks like an absolute blast of a trail.....
whew.........think ill go for a ride.....
azdb   on Mar 31, 2017
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike??
Yes, the lifetime tunes and such have definite value, should be considered as well.
azdb   on Mar 31, 2017
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike??
Have not read all the posts, but there are so many options.  Crazy that it is so complicated now to find right bike.  So many options, used, new at local shop, overseas...
azdb   on Mar 28, 2017
commented on 6 Reasons to Downgrade Your Mountain Bike
Oops, forgot the biggest $ saver----Aluminum vs. Carbon. Save a grand and have a headtube that does not explode, I have seen that......
azdb   on Mar 28, 2017
commented on 6 Reasons to Downgrade Your Mountain Bike
Early adapt most things and late adapt cycle things. This has saved me hundreds of dollars if not thousands. The slight backlash against 29 er in favor of 27.5 benefited me immensely. Example, the kids with $6k 29ers fire sale to catch up to the 27.5 or plus movement, found 2.25 29er tires retail 55…
Time to upgrade.  Use the drivetrain, stem, bars, pedals, seat clamp, seat, brakes, tires, front rim..... Find full suspension frame used or new, get maxle type rear wheel, find old 120 or so...
azdb   on Mar 21, 2017
replied to Are you comfortable buying a bike online?
Yes. Absolutely. However, it took me a couple years to learn to know what fits and what I want.  Plus, I love to build up bikes just for hobby sake.  If I...
RE Matthew at North Shore just described my perfect riding doubt there is sort of west centric bias. I am from AZ, 40+ years now, Ill never leave and have tons of riding near including Sedona area, but I have to someday go east for a trip, Arkansas has been an intrigue, but…
azdb   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
RE Red Toyota......LOL, I wish I was that smart, like Sherlock Holmes!   Saw your email, Ill shoot you one from different great to see you biking in the great beyond....
azdb   on Mar 6, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Hey Mongwolf.  I have a pickup too, but 8.1 liter beater, 9mpg. Use it sparingly.   You strike me as someone who would have driven a red Toyota pickup in college!....They are...
azdb   on Mar 5, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
My Murano awd actually has turned out to be great mtb rig.  Have 2 bike carrier on the hitch or I can fit an xl bike easily in the car with plenty...
azdb   on Mar 5, 2017
commented on a photo of Tsetsee Gun East Trail
Neat photos of Mongolia. Would love to ride there someday.
azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
added a photo of On-One Codeine 29
Original Route 66....exact location...secret.
azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
added Codeine 29
On One Codeine Frame with Rock Shox Monarch shock. Fox 140mm Front Shocks air. DT Swiss Rims. Cane Creek, Kore, Thomsen, Chromag,...
azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
spec'd a bike: Rocky Mountain Vertex 50
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azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
spec'd a bike: On-One Codeine 29
azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
added a review of Manzanita Cyclery

Nate and the boys know their stuff. Great mechanics, good brands. Rocky, Kona, Santa Cruz....
azdb   on Mar 4, 2017
added Manzanita Cyclery
Manzanita Cyclery
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