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  • in reply to: Hardtail Advice: $2,000~ Price Range #239340

    Commencal is big in Europe from what i understand, I would not hesitate to consider it.  Great value, big on racing. Kind of a cult favorite with the hard tail loyalists.  (of which I was until shop mechanic talked me into trying full suspension).

    in reply to: riding park and natural trails in Colorado in july? #236795

    Yes, I am saying Flagstaff and say 8k feet in the CO front range can be quite similar.  I lived 10 years combined in both locations.  My place in Flag was about 7k feet and 8k in CO.  I have zero background in weather, Mongwolf is basically a forestry scientist with immense familiarity with both settings.

    I lived literally in the front range mountains near Pikes Peak.   Similar afternoon weather patterns, afternoon thunderstorms.  Similar temps as well.  Flag is basically 68-85 Farenheit  for highs and low 50’s for lows in July with Monsoon storms.   I grew up in Phx so the 85 F temp is relative for different folks, for me no problem.  On the CO end, lets say you are in a Mtn town, it will be a bit higher than Flag, I would guess the range for Temps would be 62-79 F avg range.   The temps will be about the elevation.  The top of the highest peak in Flag is 12k+  and as you know, 14k ers abound in CO.  If you are in a town in CO that is 8k, but you are exploring the surround mtns, then yes it will be much cooler, you can be riding around at 10k easily in CO.

    You could plop Flagstaff in CO and would not know it is AZ.    When you ride in basically Sedona or lower, then you start hitting the hot summer temps.

    Have fun.  Both are God’s country in my opinion, awesome…

    in reply to: riding park and natural trails in Colorado in july? #236661

    abso-friggen lutely…..second week in Oct booked, but beyond that, we will work it out!……awesome…

    Ill be in touch….

    in reply to: riding park and natural trails in Colorado in july? #236548

    Hello, I lived in Flag and CO (front range) and spent time outdoors during summers. They are similar in afternoon weather moods, so the mentions of afternoon storms are useful.  Also the temp swings can be quite dramatic in CO, in the Mtns and the plains. But point I would emphasize is be aware of lightning aspect in CO.  I lived at about 8k feet near Pikes Peak HWY.

    Every summer it seemed there were tourist lightning strikes on Pikes Peak.   It seemed always to be hikers descending in mid afternoon to late afternoon hours.  One buddy who was a camp guide during summers always said something like “up at dawn, zoom by noon”  .  I think May and July are the wettest months, not sure about lightning, but seemed like July my little mtn. apartment was always reverberating during July during the afternoons.  Gorgeous summers in the CO. Mtn areas, have fun.

    in reply to: Thoughts on 27.5+ on front and 29er on rear #236324

    Mongwolf, howz it going……Big D here…haha…..I was googling 27.5+ rear and 29er front and this popped up…wow…..I have a hard tail 27+/29 either or, norco torrent, and the bearings are going out on  the 275+ wheel in front, so I threw on my 29er wheel, have yet to ride, will try it out….29er 2.4 tire front, 275+ 2.8 in back……….while I am here,  found really cool bikepacking video, 25 min or so………….they start in Ulanbaater, and spend a month biking, here you go……………… hope all is well in outer mong….



    in reply to: Full suspension MTB for 2500$ #224267

    Wow, I would seriously look at those carbon Marins.   If I were in market, I would.

    in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #222874

    I thrive on music, love it.  Been one of the few constants in my life for 45 years. My first concert: Ozzy with Randy Rhodes and Motorhead. Second concert: Van Halen…..and on and on………but having to ride with a bluetooth speaker……..yuk……I despise seeing other people when I ride much less hear them.  Part of riding is getting away from anything electronic.  I think when I was 16 we snuck a boom box in our golf bag a couple of times and a couple beers, but now-days, getting away from anything that uses electricity or batteries or  feeds me sound or text, is cherished!    I can’t imagine looking at the junipers, ponderosas, and red rocks and enjoying the vistas for a quick break in riding, only to hear in the distance the faint sounds of “enter sandman” or “baby got back” trailing off with or even worse, increasing in volume and coming my way….lol.

    in reply to: Full Suspension Advice ($2,500) #216951

    That is a pretty good choice really for that price range. Probably has a dropper post, good geo, tires, travel, etc….Giant puts out some value in their offerings, they are truly “giant” sized company, and probably get good components for next to nothing from sram and shimano and wtb…etc…   There are definitely other choices I imagine,  the Rocky Mountain Alloy Altitude 30 is around 2800,  if you are focused on 27.5 wheel size.   You can piece together  or buy used to get most for money, but free tune ups and trusted bike mechanics can be of great value though by buying from local dealer.  Trek Slash 7 is on sale, Kona Process 134, Kona Precept 150, Norco Fluid 7.2, …………………and on and on……the precept is like 2200.  See what brands are offered in the shops, find their 27.5 size trail bike models in that range on the websites then research. Personally Kona’s have been comfortable in their setup, but you should get on a few bikes and see. For me comfort is a big factor. I’m old ish and beaten up.

    in reply to: Dropper Posts #214834

    Resisted dropper posts until half a year ago.  Now, cannot imagine riding without one.  As important to my riding as is a round wheel….here in AZ mtns. anyway. I use it constantly.  Even for tweaking position in between ups and downs.

    in reply to: New Guy on the Internet Block #213477

    Ignore that negative post.  That is the kind of attitude that baffles me in mtb, marvinmartian that is…  I had a racing background as a kid and got back into biking for basically knee rehab reasons 7 years ago or so and even in that short period have seen dumb sort of cliquish culture in mtb.  That post typifies a combination of growth in mtb combined with immature folks with keyboards and postings.  Sure there are lots of trolls and such, but some folks have no restraint…..anyway, one more point on this, it sort of also typifies the many different people that are making up mtb now.  Kids, adults, retired boomers, huckers, cruisers, explorers, eco freaks, opposite of eco freaks, hikers, new folks, veteran folks, rich, poor, in between, the bored retired folks that love rules to death-think HOA extremist, folks that ignore all rules altogether, etc…….tough mix of different sides, I ride to get away from exactly what I described above,  exercise , explore, and have fun.  Simple. I do agree that there is a truck load of content out there and a lacking of content for beginners and newbies or people just enjoying the ride.  Maybe it will balance out.

    in reply to: Beginner Mountain Bike?? #211644

    Yes, the lifetime tunes and such have definite value, should be considered as well.

    in reply to: Beginner Mountain Bike?? #211603

    Have not read all the posts, but there are so many options.  Crazy that it is so complicated now to find right bike.  So many options, used, new at local shop, overseas makes from chain reaction or planet x….29 vs 27.5…etc…..

    I started back years ago on hardtail and sort of worked way to full suspension 29…I love 29, I like bigger feel bike though.  Probably more 27.5 options available, someone mentioned the Raleigh Tokul which I find intriguing.   To keep costs down yes hard tail way to go,  if it were me I would probably go with this Nukeproof 275 sport for 664 dollars at chain reaction and maybe put a dropper post on it for 100 more.  Trail geometry, great price, send it to your door.  Have to have a buddy who is experienced with asssembly make sure everything is correct in assembly.


    in reply to: Specialized Carve Pro Frame Warranty Claim Rejected #211298

    Time to upgrade.  Use the drivetrain, stem, bars, pedals, seat clamp, seat, brakes, tires, front rim…..

    Find full suspension frame used or new, get maxle type rear wheel, find old 120 or so mm forks to use quick release front wheel and get dropper post.

    Have blast.

    As far as forcing Specialized to change their mind, not sure how you do that.   Maybe see if the shop would make a deal on a new frame, if they sell Kona, you can get a Honzo al (awesome frame) for 4 or 500, see if they would assemble and tune gratis.

    in reply to: Are you comfortable buying a bike online? #210689

    Yes. Absolutely. However, it took me a couple years to learn to know what fits and what I want.  Plus, I love to build up bikes just for hobby sake.  If I did not want to do my own wrenching, buy tools, upgrade, spend time in the work room, then I would go to shop and get fitted and get free tune ups with purchase etc….I have bought 7 bikes online 2 bikes, 5 frames, probably a wash as far as total money spent, but spending it over years versus at one swipe of card are two different things.  I love consumer direct but consumer has to know their stuff.  Bikes are so sophisticated now, mechanics have lots to know now days.  If you are busy person, want good fit and tune ups and info, go to shop.  If you like tinkering and learning, buy online.

    in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #209846

    RE Red Toyota……LOL, I wish I was that smart, like Sherlock Holmes!   Saw your email, Ill shoot you one from different email…so great to see you biking in the great beyond.  Small digital world……unreal….


    in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #209634

    Hey Mongwolf.  I have a pickup too, but 8.1 liter beater, 9mpg. Use it sparingly.   You strike me as someone who would have driven a red Toyota pickup in college!….They are bullet proof and roll proof…………..unreal running into you here.  Derek.

    in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #209532

    My Murano awd actually has turned out to be great mtb rig.  Have 2 bike carrier on the hitch or I can fit an xl bike easily in the car with plenty of room to spare. So if I am heading to city or something and do not want bike hanging on back, just pop it in the car.  The awd is handy if roads are soft or slighty rocky. The chassis is more of car type maxima chassis, so no crazy trails but for snow, water, dirt trailheads and trips to whole foods….great car.

    in reply to: Help! New Bike Recommendations #202090

    These Cube closeouts look like super deals.

    140 forks, XT m8000 components…fulls susp.   German company.  Free shipping from ireland.  I have ordered stuff from UK and got to

    AZ in 2 days…

    in reply to: Durable budget hardtail – motobecane 529HT 29er? #194749

    I have a couple big name brand bikes with latest fox/1×11/sram setups….my first bike was motobecane hard tail which I loved, gave to nephew, still have motobecane full suspension, I will never give it up, the value you get from them is crazy, you can play with couple components, learn how to tweak the bike,  I may have not gotten back into cycling without the motobecanes.

    With every bike seems like I have to play with the stem to get it right for me.  If I had to guess at which components you will mess around with, stem and forks.  I had to get air rockshox, for me, heavy dude, need the air.  Anyway, for half a grand to get a bike that is solid, cannot go wrong with that line up then save for shock, stem, whatever.

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