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RonniePivot   on May 17, 2018
replied to Pollen season is rough. Any tips?
I have found rinsing my sinus cavities with normal saline in the evening to be helpful, Neilmed makes a unit that works well
RonniePivot   on Feb 16, 2018
commented on Fox Transfer Dropper Post Review
I also have over 1000 miles on my factory dropper and it works great! easy to adjust with the barrel adjuster as the cable got a little stretched. about time for a rebuild though....
i crashed and buggered up a RaceFace carbon crank (pedal grabbed a root on a bank i rode too close to) on my 6 month old Pivot and my shop contacted RaceFace on my behalf. i provided a picture of the crank serial number and the damage and then provided a picture of the crank…
RonniePivot   on May 16, 2017
updated Raccoon Mountain Trail Network conditions to Good
I would definitely consider taking a skills course from a certified mountain bike instructor.  They can help you with your form and help you practice all the little parts that go together to...
RonniePivot   on Dec 16, 2016
updated Fort Yargo State Park conditions to Fair
Awesome! As an old timer and a dog lover i really enjoyed that vid!
RonniePivot   on Dec 5, 2016
spec'd a bike: Pivot Mach 429 Trail
RonniePivot   on Nov 4, 2016
updated Tanasi Trail System conditions to Good
RonniePivot   on May 11, 2015
created a My Trails
RonniePivot   on Feb 20, 2015
added a comment on Weekend MTB ride at Stanley Gap (Blue Ridge, GA)
i remember riding stanley gap out and back from inside the wilderness area back in the 1990's when i was...
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