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Should have been a 29er, why go backwards now, 27.5 is dying.
It's what I tell every runner and hiker that has earbuds in, leave one ear open or you and I may have a meeting neither one of us wants.
I've been riding in Bent Creek outside Asheville for five years and hardly ever saw a squirrel. One morning, got out at 7:30 to beat the rush and rode up and did Explorer Loop, Lower Sidehill and headed up Boyd Branch road to ride Boyd Branch Trail. This trail is easy and you can really…
Started with a $880.00 hardtail and a few months later saw a $2200.00 fully on sale for $1099.00. Had to have it. Then after a year of learning how to maintenance it, saw a 29er frame on sale for $450.00 and decided it was time to build a bike up from scratch. $1800.00 later found…
I'm 73 and don't know how many years I have left in these old legs to chug up Clawhammer at 3mph but as old and as limited as I am, I'll be darned if you'll ever catch me on an e-bike. If you want one, then stay on the fire roads or motorized vehicle accessible…
Another vote for Handup. Over 50 rides and they still in darn good condition. Never had a glove that took so much abuse and doesn't show it. I normally take a lg but if you do, order extra large..   on Nov 14, 2017
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We were riding Wolf Branch and as we were making turn to cross the little bridge and continue, two young long haired men came flying down the rollers, one just missing a...
The biggest argument is that they are not allowed on the trails here in NC, period. If you are physically unable to ride a normal bike, how in the heck are you going to handle a 50 lb beast down a rocky, rooty trail fraught with many dangers. I can see them riding up on…
I agreewith Landon. You could see how tentative he was in the first run compared to the second and if anyone know riding downhill tentatively, it's me, I invented the word. Problem I had with flats and why I don't ride them anymore is that could never master putting my foot back on the pedal…
Hands up gloves, best I've ever had, $28.00 to $30.00, why overpay for a name.   on Jun 24, 2017
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I'm 72 and make Pisgah, Dupont and Bent Creek my playgrounds. I can ride up 4 mile fire roads without stopping but only at 4 mph. I'm semi=fast but careful shredding the...   on May 12, 2017
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Bought IXS Carve and can't rave enough about them. A little pricey but one more bad shot my left knee and it's new knee time. So far so good. Also notice Phil...
I've ridden about 95% of the trails in Pisgah and Dupont with both my fully and hard tail. To be honest, I really enjoy the hard tail more cause it's 5 lbs lighter and makes me pick my lines with more care. Also easier up those long fire roads.
$199.00 maybe worth it. way overpriced.
The only time we truly altered a trail was to chop off a 2 foot spear that was aimed at a turn in the trail from a fallen broken tree. Chopped it off so if anybody hit it, they would have a bruise instead of being skewered like a shishkabob. Nate Hills is one heck…   on Feb 2, 2017
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Bottle mounts guarantee dirt and disease in your mouth. Cables under chainstay really dumb, way overpriced, too heavy. Not a knock out by any means. les under chain stay really dumb.   on Jan 27, 2017
added a review of Dupont State Forest

Try the new Rocky Ridge or now I should say a continuation of the Switchback trail because I think there...   on Jan 20, 2017
commented on Watch: How To Crash a Mountain Bike
What I like about this guy and The Singletrack Sampler is that they don't edit out all their mistakes and crashes when riding unlike Nate Hills who is edit crazy. Mountain biking is all about fun, challenges and yes crashes. Good Job BKXC.
I raced Enduros in the 70's long before there were mountain bikes. It was a race through just about every nasty thing you could imagine but unlike today's enduro, not only did we have to manage to stay upright on our dirt bikes, we had to maintain a 24 mph average and we were graded…
Sitting here inside looking at the two holes orthopedic surgeon punched in my knee two weeks ago while outside, a 60 degree sunny day beckons me to the wilds of Pisgah which is a measly 20 miles away. Oh well, 4 more weeks and I'll be back shredding and for that, I'm extremely thankful for.
Fortunately. I live within 30 miles of Bent Creek, Dupont State Forest and the Pisgah ghar. There are trails here for all skill levels but I noticed the flow trails are by far the busiest. You can go up Mullinax to Squirrel Gap and back and most of the time you are alone, Go to…
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