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I can totally relate. Just got out of the hospital due to a Thursday night crash. Broken rib punctured lung among other things. I’m going to have to go back to that same steep that I crashed on when fully recovered and do exactly what’s in this video.. I’ll be sure and ride it properly…
FattyHeadshok   on Apr 29, 2017
commented on Mavic Crossmax XL Pro Shoes Review
5/10's FTW
It all comes from our society's tendency to dehumanize one another. If someone or some group isn't truly human then it's easier to do them harm. No amount of jail time or punishment will change this simple fact. Examples. "Radical muslims", "Mexican rapists", "N____ers", "Ahole Mtbers", "feminazis" "damn homos"etc. any and all of these terms…
Horrid story, a case of a really nice person actually not being able to process that they're being attacked. His self defense response didn't even kick in. Attacks do happen suddenly when they happen sadly. You actually need to be mentally prepared and trained for it. This is exactly the reason why it's a very…
Jeff, I haven't ridden them all of course as the state is quite large. Our State parks are pretty much open to mountain biking. French Creek has a great trail system with...
I can tell you this much from personal experience. I have a ten yo boy who is very gifted in several areas, academically, athletically, and musically. But his one drawback is that he is lazy. Notice I mentioned gifted above not driven or motivated. If left to his own devices he would mostly sit inside…
FattyHeadshok   on Mar 5, 2017
commented on a photo of Trek farley 5
I'm vivitong some relatives down in Florida right now, sitting by a pool sipping coffee. But honestly I'd rather be right there out in that trail facing the elements, riding a bike, feeling the tires crunch in the snow, the breath inside my lungs, pushing out vapor, muscles staring , sleet stinging my face! Yes!!! Am I crazy? Maybe, but your photo looks incredible to me. Where was it taken?
FattyHeadshok   on Mar 5, 2017
commented on a photo of Trek farley 5
That's visiting relatives and muscles straining. Damn auto correct.
Sorry I'm from the E-Bikes are the "Spawn of Satan" crowd. Martyn Ashton doesn't ride one. Stacy Kouhat doesn't ride one and those guys are friggin paralyzed. Keep those damn things off...
FattyHeadshok   on Dec 11, 2016
replied to Armor? Pads? Anyone?
I'm 51 yo guy who didn't start seriously riding till I was 47. Yes I wear pads. I like Poc products. Vpd jacket mostly just for shoulders and elbows  and their bones...
FattyHeadshok   on Jun 18, 2016
commented on Over a Beer: Quit Hatin' on Flow Trails
Gnar is a ton of fun and so are flow trails. They both teach different things. Id hate to see the gnar go away though.
Brandon!! Nobody has more style on a bike. Nobody.
The E bike thing needs to stop! These E bikes are going to kill any chance for Mtb Rider's to...
FattyHeadshok   on Apr 14, 2016
added 3 photos.
My tricked out vintage Raven. Yes, I ride it everyday.
Hey, I've got two old bikes that I've updated with more modern parts. It makes them viable bikes. Both 26"...
FattyHeadshok   on Apr 12, 2016
added a comment on "Over a Beer" - Introducing My New Column
Sounds good Greg. The idea is a good one. However the media that you're choosing to do it in lends...
Agreed I really like these types of videos. They really show how real skilled Rider's enjoy being on their bikes....
Hey I agree to a point. I think we're all little of both. Who the hell doesn't like to rail...
FattyHeadshok   on Mar 23, 2016
added a comment on Riding After Rain: Advice for New Riders
I don't ride recreationally on the local riding spots after it rains at all because I don't want to create...
Is anybody smoother than Brandon? It's pure kinetic poetry to watch this guy ride.
Couldn't agree more! Self sufficiency is key and the athleticism that mtb/ fat biking takes is in a whole different...
This is simply a ridiculous argument. With a movement in congress by one particular political party to "sell off the...
FattyHeadshok   on Feb 11, 2016
added a comment on Podcast: Why Mountain Bikers Crave Craft Beer
Edward Bernays... Sigmund Freud's evil nephew.
No mention of Dirt fest in PA?? Dirt fest is a blast and a really great festival. Held on Raystown...
This article makes me so sad. There is something so wrong with the mentality of most of my fellow countrymen....
What oh what is the point of having trails that no one can use???? In an era when the republicans...
FattyHeadshok   on Nov 16, 2015
updated Wissahickon Valley Park
to Dry.
FattyHeadshok   on Nov 16, 2015
checked in at Wissahickon Valley Park
FattyHeadshok   on Sep 22, 2015
updated Wissahickon Valley Park
to Dry.
FattyHeadshok   on Sep 22, 2015
checked in at Wissahickon Valley Park
FattyHeadshok   on Sep 18, 2015
added a comment on Video: Mid-Air Collision at Leogang
Such a rare lesson in both Newtonian physics and bad civil engineering. Uuum two objects cannot occupy the same space...
Nice. Build it and they will ride!
It doesn't look hard in the way Ft William does. It looks fast flowy jumpy and fun. I wanna ride...
Just looks like heaven. Don't it?
I hate these electric bikes! Were a nation with a ridiculously high obesity rate. One of the greatest whole body...
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