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Nashville // Tennessee

I own a plus and a fat bike. Never going back. However, I feel you should ride the bike you love and love the bike you ride.
Thanks for taking the time to do this. I do a lot of gravel rides on my Sunday longer rides. Depending on the number of creek crossings, I feel that in 4 hours at 12.5 mph or whatever, I would average about 3 miles per hour faster on a similar road ride with the same…
Fat Bike, nice. I love mine. ?
Fat Bike, nice. I love mine. ?
RobertD   on Dec 18, 2015
added a comment on How bad do you want it... really?
Some call it a bucket list. Well, I have accomplished a lot of that. I still have goals but my...
I like all the trails you mentioned but haven't been to Clayton. Might have to schedule that into next trip...
RobertD   on Nov 27, 2015
added a comment on Watch: "Ride the Fall"
Nice trail. Just wondering, why are most videos filmed, riding downhill?
RobertD   on Oct 24, 2015
added a comment on Opinion: There Will Never Be a Do-It-All Mountain Bike
Love my Fat bike. :)
Thanks for the article. It does help to think positive thoughts out there. One caveat. Sometimes the mind says go...
Big South Fork, anything in Pisgah, and Pinhoti, Bull Mountain, and Aska trail system in Georgia.
North Georgia and Western North Carolina. Love those areas. Thanks for the report because some of those are doable. :)...
"Because it’s kind of my job and I don’t ride 10 hours a day." 40 hour per month isn't 10...
I agree. This trail isn't that technical.
Hey Damian, ride a lighter fatty. My fatty weighs 24 pounds and it will go when I ask it to....
A Fatty at the stage race would be nice. :)
Ellijay, Georgia. Nuff said
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Also, Big South Fork in Jamestown, TN. Very remote riding in some places and beautiful.
Dang, that is not a good thing to hear at night. I am always more antsy at night than during...
RobertD   on Feb 20, 2015
added a comment on My Top 14 Trail “Discoveries” of '14
I stand corrected. Thanks
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RobertD   on Feb 20, 2015
added a comment on Weekend MTB ride at Stanley Gap (Blue Ridge, GA)
They've done a lot of work in all the Aska trails. You missed Green Mountain, right across the road from...
RobertD   on Feb 20, 2015
added a comment on My Arch Nemesis: The Ellusive Thurmond Epic
Well, I know you've completed it because in the 2014 Best Dam Ride a lot of riders did. :) I...
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RobertD   on Feb 20, 2015
added a comment on My Top 14 Trail “Discoveries” of '14
Would be nice to have someone from the southeast report on trails. I have never seen a report on the...
I think we need to spend more time riding and less time worrying about what other people think. There is...
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RobertD   on Feb 13, 2015
added a comment on My 5 Mountain Biking Goals for 2015
I think your goals are really good. Having some definite goals makes getting out to ride easier. With or without...
60 and still loving it. Got a nice new fat bike to add to my stable and the addiction keeps...
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RobertD   on Feb 13, 2015
added a comment on Introducing the LEAFXPRO Bike Umbrella
Nice. So do I. :)
I think you should have included the Aska trail system in your Ellijay, Georgia report. It is about 6 miles...
RobertD   on Jan 3, 2015
added a comment on Opinion: The Anti-Fat Biking Manifesto
Well, I took the fat bike plunge and got a Fatboy Superlight. I had saved about 3 years for a...
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RobertD   on Jan 3, 2015
added a comment on 5 Reasons Why You Need a Fat Bike
I love riding my Fatboy SL. It's the most fun I have had on a bike, to date. My other...
RobertD   on Dec 27, 2014
added a comment on 10 Trails I Like More Than You
Apparently, the author has never ridden in North Georgia, East Tennessee, or Western North Carolina? All those areas have a...
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