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bernieships   on Jan 12, 2020
added a review of Swan Creek

This is a cool trail system in Tacoma. An xc oriented loop goes around the entire complex. The loop has...
bernieships   on Feb 18, 2019
added a review of South Seatac

There's a small network of trails here. It looks like most of the jump park has been dismantled. It's wedged...
bernieships   on Feb 20, 2017
added a review of 360

I really enjoyed these trails. They had a perfect mix of climbing, and descending. There were also some really great...
bernieships   on Oct 24, 2016
added a review of Lewis River

I rode this trail a few days ago. I started at the trailhead mentioned above and rode for several miles...
bernieships   on Aug 31, 2016
added Beacon Rock State Park
There is a pretty substantial network of well-marked trails here. It seems like most of them are gravel fire roads...

I wouldn't recommend these trails to someone unless the rider has top-notch bike handling skills. The trail starts with a...
bernieships   on Apr 24, 2015
added a review of Galbraith Mountain

If you're looking for a trail network in Washington that keeps you wanting to come back for more, look no...
bernieships   on Apr 5, 2013
updated Henry's Ridge
to Open.
bernieships   on Apr 5, 2013
added Henry's Ridge
I think the best way to ride the trails is to just ride around them and explore until you get...
bernieships   on Dec 4, 2012
added Transition Vagrant
Marzocchi 66 Revolution 32 Wheels SDG I-beam post/seat FSA cranks/bashguard Avid Code brakes
bernieships   on Oct 2, 2012
added a review of Dash Point State Park

The trails here are not very technical but there are some good ups and downs. It is a nice place...

There are basically 3 trails here. An upper trail, the actual Tapeworm, and a run called Berm Sled at the...
bernieships   on Sep 10, 2012
added a review of Spruce R.R. Trail

Nice in and out trail. I started at the North Shore Recreation Area parking lot (as mentioned above) and rode...
bernieships   on Aug 29, 2012
added a review of Big Snowy Mountains Loop

Epic climb. Only made it up to Grandview Point because it was getting late and went back down the uphill...

The Short: long climb, long descent, not technical, no grand views, cool scenery. The Long: Park at the Williams Creek Trailhead...
bernieships   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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