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Long Beach // California

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May I ask what emtb you ride
Amen to that David! I will be 58 this year and my left knee is bothering me for the past year making my rides not as enjoying as it could be. I am passionate of this sport so I always love to hear what the buzzwords are in regards to emtb. I am getting concerned…
paukana   on Feb 9, 2018
added a review of Turnbull Canyon

Parking here stinks. I frequent these trails before when I used to be able to park on the nearby streets....
paukana   on Oct 3, 2015
spec'd a bike: Specialized Enduro Comp
paukana   on Oct 3, 2015
added a photo of Specialized Enduro Comp
My bike
paukana   on May 10, 2014
updated Chino Hills State Park
to Dry.
Profoundly sweet! Thanks for the trail review. I shall try it next weekend.
paukana   on Aug 3, 2012
created a My Trails
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