Bikepark Hochberg

Small bikepark serviced by a T-bar lift. The park is open 7 days a week if you want to pedal up and ride down the trails, lift Service is only on Sundays. Check out the Website

SWU Trails

SWU Trails is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Blaustein, Germany. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of SWU Trails bike trail in Blaustein.


There is an extensive network of trails here exploring the countryside south of Kaiserslautern. They can also be connected to other trail systems for seemingly unlimited mileage (kilometerage?). There is some road, but plenty of singletrack to explore.

Alpirsbacher Schwarzwald Trail

The Alpirsbacher Schwarzwald Trail is a challenging flow trail. The course was built by the local club Bikesport Sasbachwalden e.V. and is maintained by the club. The trail is characterized by rolling obstacles such as waves, tables, residents and small heels. In some sections, Northshores will be integrated when required by the terrain. From the …

The Chutes

Steep clime to get to the start (Fire roads). Then a quick flow through the woods into a fun rooted drop with chute like washouts. Kicks you out onto a fire road.

Round tour

tour round in Harz. Good variety in singletrack/freeride and technical features. Should be possible to make it in 3-4 hours effective riding

Hambacher SchloƟ

This trail is perfect for beginers as there is no hard jumps an there are no drops. In some part there are rocks in the ground and roods but they are very fun!

Limes Trail

It goes down the hill. On some points it is very steep and slippery. It is next to a walking path.