Herbert Glacier Trail

Beautiful, lush rain forest. Trail starts off wide, but narrows as you climb towards the glacier. Climbs are easy though and you’re rewarded with a beautiful view of Herbert Glacier at the end. Trails is pretty much all uphill going towards the glacier, so it’s a nice ride coming back down. Enjoy!

Treadwill Ditch Trail

The Treadwell Ditch Trail is 10.4 miles long where it crosses Forest Service land. Portions of the trail cross State and City land and the total length is closer to 14 miles. The Forest Service portion begins at 0.3 mile up the Blueberry Hills Access Trail and ends at 0.25 mile below Eagle Crest Ski …

Middle fork of Campbell Creek

Head to north bivouac trailhead via tank trail. Connect its Sta trails to prospect heights. Follow prospect heights up to glen alps. Head down the powerline trail 1/4 mile and take a left onto the middle fork junction. This is the op of the loop. Foow middle fork to wolverine bowl access, to basher trailhead …

Russian Lakes Trail Upper & Lower

A 21 mile multiple-use trail from Russian River Campground to Cooper Lake Road. Trail follows the valley of the Russian River, past Lower and Upper Russian Lakes then gradually climbs to the area at the head of Cooper Lake. Mostly wooded with frequent open areas with views of mountians and lakes. Snow can remain on …

Iditarod Trail – Meridian Lake

This is an easy 8.3 mile trail (one way) with an elevation gain of 600 feet. It has many up and down grades. Snow can remain until early June. Dense tree canopy over this trail means is only recommended for snowshoes us in the winter. The trail passes a series of lakes (south to north) …

Devil’s Creek Trail

A 10 mile trail from mile 39 Seward Highway to Resurrection Pass Trail. The first 3 miles have gentle up and down grades through spruce/ birch and hemlock forests with occasional open meadows. The trail then climbs steadily but gradually up narrow Devils Creek valley high above the creek for the next 5 miles through …

Crescent Creek Trail

This 6.2 mile trail climbs gradually up the narrow valley of Crescent Creek through spruce/birch forest to Crescent Lake. Frequent openings afford views of nearby mountains. Snow can remain on the upper part of the trail until early June. source: fs.usda.gov

Deep creek beach

Its a beach, so fatbikes do well in the sand but driving back to the falls is suggested over biking in the rock/ sand. There are several tails along the top of the bluffs too, watch for signs because much of it is private property.

16 Mile Hatcher Pass

16 Mile Hatcher Pass is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Palmer, Alaska. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of 16 Mile Hatcher Pass bike trail in Palmer.

X-Y Lakes trail

Trail starts to the right of the toilet. After 50 yds single track starts stay to the right at intersection(s). Lots of ups and downs, S turns, a couple of hairpins. Watch for one boggy area toward the end of the ride when going counter clockwise…. Other watch outs bears and moose in and near …

Denali National Park

Denali National Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Denali, Alaska. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Denali National Park bike trail in Denali.

Ester Dome Singletrack System

In my opinion, this is some of the sweetest and cleanest singletrack between the Kenai Penninsula and interior Alaska. It comprises three, bi-directional loops, two of which (outer and inner), connect to form a rough figure eight, totaling approximately 11 miles of windy, superbly banked switchbacks traversing the birch-laden hillside. In addition, the so- called …