Punji Stake Trap Discovered in the UK

Photo: Twelve50 Bikes
Photo: Twelve50 Bikes


Twelve50 has just released an update:

The stakes are there from when the forest was planted and weren’t manufactured with the sole intention of being taken to the hill to inflict harm.

The offending posts have now been removed. They were originally taken from a jump which is now unsafe. This jump will be removed totally today to make it safe for everybody. Not because the forestry don’t want people to have fun but because ultimately, if somebody hurts themselves on it, it’s on their head.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident but if anyone does see anything dodgy going on then please report it.

Previous Article:

Trail terrorism has been taken to the next level by this punji stake trap that was recently discovered at the Delamere trail system in the UK. The trap was set in the landing zone of a jump. Twelve50 Bikes has shared this image and posted about the trap and on their Facebook page. According to Twelve50, this trap was found on the Old Pale trail.

“Whilst these trails are unofficial, the Forestry have been tolerant of them, so long as no more digging takes place. The FC also built a gate at the bottom to slow riders before they join a busy track and avoid conflict with other users.

The vast majority of walkers, horse riders co-exist happily and share the forest without problems. However, it seems somebody has an axe to grind and has taken matters into their own hands. Obviously the consequences of riding into this don’t really bear thinking about.

If you use the Forest and these trails in particular, please keep your eyes open and take care out there, especially if night riding.

Stay safe y’all.” -Twelve50

According to an update to the original posting, Twelve50, along with the authorities from the Forestry Commission, surveyed the trail and have removed the stakes. This jump will also be removed, as it was damaged when the trap was built.

Dirt also reported on this recent trap, and in that article they mentioned that 16 years ago a mountain biker was killed at Delamere from a possible punji pit booby trap.

According to Dirt,

“Gary Meadows’ front wheel dropped through a hole covered in sticks and leaves and he broke his neck. He was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

Although the pit digging and camouflaging is highly suspicious, the coroner said it was not possible to say for certain that the hole was intended as a booby trap.”

Stay safe out there UK riders!