News: Hermosa Tours Launches AZT Expeditions

Hermosa Tours has just announced a new branch of their company and tour offerings, dubbed AZT Expeditions. AZT Expeditions is essentially a long-term, exclusive partnership with the Arizona Trail Association to offer Hermosa Tours’ unique self-guided trip format on the Arizona Trail. AZT Expeditions obviously offers the tours for mountain biking, but they also cater to trail runners and hikers as well.

All photos courtesy of Hermosa Tours.
All photos courtesy of Hermosa Tours.

Hermosa Tours founder Matt McFee says the Arizona National Scenic Trail is an untapped treasure. “The Arizona Trail is one of the most diverse and beautiful long-distance trails in the United States or anywhere in the world,” says McFee. “We started this idea with just wanting to introduce the grandeur of this trail to more people. There are not many trails so diverse as to include the vibrant Sonoran Desert, numerous Wilderness areas, the high-altitude San Francisco Peaks, the edge of the Colorado Plateau and Saguaro and Grand Canyon National Parks.”


Wondering what AZT Expeditions means by “self-guided”? Essentially, riders (or runners or hikers) guide themselves along the trail, buy and cook their own food, and generally care for themselves. However, AZT Expeditions provides “key logistics like transportation, camp equipment, and route design,” according to their press release.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity, sign up for one of the first 13 trips now, at

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