IMBA: Support Mountain Biking at TVA Sites (Southeast)

Via recent IMBA email:

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a major landholder in the Southeast, is revising its management policies at several sites with popular mountain biking trail systems. Affected trails include those at Fontana, Hiwassee and Tanasi, an IMBA Epic. Specifically, TVA is soliciting public comment on appropriate recreation uses on public lands along nine reservoir sites in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.Take Action!

Your input is needed to let TVA know mountain biking is an important use on their public lands. Several of these sites contain valuable trails that should remain open, while others have tremendous potential for future mountain biking opportunities.

You can provide feedback either through email or an online survey.

The deadline for comments is Saturday, June 30th.

Additional information is available at the Tennessee Valley Authority website.

Talking Points

  • Mention any specific trails you ride.
  • Mountain biking is a quiet, low-impact, human-powered activity.
  • A growing scientific consensus has shown the environmental impacts of mountain biking to be similar to hiking and far less than other uses.
  • Mountain biking clubs in the Southeast are the primary stewards of many parks and trail systems. In Chattanooga, the local club donates thousands of volunteer hours annually at Raccoon Mountain, a TVA property.

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