Georgia mountain bike trail report

This weekend I got the chance to check out a couple north Georgia mountain bike trails I hadn’t ridden in a while so I thought I’d let you know what’s up. We camped out at Fort Mountain State Park and the main mountain bike loop looked pretty overgrown. Ok, pretty overgrown might be a bit generous since the Powerline section looked nearly impossible to follow with briars covering even the wide doubletrack downhill. Fortunately we didn’t attempt to bike the outer loop this time, I would have been pissed if I had done all that climbing for nothing…

At Fort Mountain I did see a poster for the Georgia Muddy Spokes club which I had never heard of before. Apparently if you ride at all 11 state parks with bike trails in Georgia you can earn a free t-shirt – a pretty cool program if you ask me. Mudhunny and I rode out at Fort Yargo State Park just last weekend, too bad we didn’t get our punch card 😉 You do have to pay $10 just to get your card (plus $2 parking at each park) so I guess the t-shirt isn’t free after all.

Rick and I rode out at Bear Creek near Ellijay on Saturday and it was my first time back in at least 10 years. The trail really hadn’t changed all that much, though one of the locals we spoke to was complaining about some new water bars on the downhill section. There is also some new trail in the area including a portion of the Pinhoti trail so I definitely need to get back and explore a bit more. We also saw a HUGE group of SORBA riders celebrating someone’s birthday with a group ride, fortunately they were finishing up just as we started.